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What we’re about

Do you like to play card and board games, but over the years your friends and family have learned your tricks and tells?  Well, come on out to one of our events  This Meetup group is intended for adult gamers who are looking to meet other players in the Southwest metro area.  We don't play to win;We play for fun. Though winning is a nice bonus.

We host open game night events twice a week at breweries and coffee shops. Our collection of games spans the classics(Clue, Monopoly.), the modern classics(Settlers of Catan, Werewolf..) and those that are just silly fun(Munchkin, Red Dragon Inn..). 

This is still in its testing phase so the times and locations will vary.  As such, If you have any suggestions on times and venues feel free to let me know in the discussions section.  

Thank you.

Craig J.

Our Collection of Games.

Over the next couple months I hope to expand our collection.  If you have any game suggestions let me know.

Classics: Clue, Rummikub, Parcheesi, Scrabble, Monopoly

Modern Classics(how to play link): 

Sequence (

Settlers of Catan (

Ticket to Ride (

Werewolf-One Night (

Coup (

Betrayal at House on the Hill


Munchkin (

Lover Letter (

Red Dragon Inn (

Upcoming events (4+)

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