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This group may be members of AARP but are still young enough to be interested in meeting new people and being active. Still working, semi retired or retired looking for fun group activities in the southwest suburbs and occasionally outside of them.

Requirements for Membership in Southwest Suburban Single Seniors. PLEASE READ.

1) Must be Single and a Senior (50+) Single defined as Divorced, Widowed, Never Married. Those in a committed relationship or Separated are not considered Single and therefore not eligible for Membership.

2) Must have a current photo clearly showing your face making you easily recognizable when you come to an event. Non compliance will result in your removal from the group.

3) Must have your Real name listed on your Profile. Non compliance will result in your removal from the group.

4) Any participation in this group is voluntary and at your own risk. By signing up to an event, you confirm you have read our Waiver of Liability terms found under the 'Pages' section of our meetup.

5) Live within the following geographic boundaries:

Far Southside of Chicago (Beverly & Mt Greenwood)

South Suburbs of Chicago

Southwest Suburbs of Chicago

NW Indiana

6) Abide by the Rules/Expectations laid forth below which may be adjusted as necessary to meet the changing needs of the group. All Rules/Expectations will be fair, reasonable and hold all members to the same standards.

7) A donation of $5 per member will be collected Semi Annually to cover the renewal fees ($98.94 for 6 months) & other expenses (printer paper, ink cartridges, postage, etc). A new collection will commence every January & July. Renewals occur on February 3rd & August 3rd.

8) Going forward (9/2017) if 6 people total aren’t signed up for an event within 5 days of the event the event will be cancelled. The exception would be an event for which tickets were already purchased.

9) Going forward ( 6/1/ 2018) Any member whose comments, demeanor or behavior is not in keeping with our Southwest Suburban Single Seniors standards will be removed.

10) Going forward consider this notice to all members-Guests are NOT allowed at our events. Please note that in the Header of every event it states "MEMBERS ONLY" and as such must be abided by all members.

Rule # 1 Going forward all NO Shows will be recorded . A NO SHOW is defined as a member who RSVPs to an event but does not come to the event & does not change their RSVP to Not coming/No. Being that we are now forming Waitlists to several events we need to be courteous and allow those on the Waitlist to move up and come to the event if we cannot. Three NO Shows will get you removed from the group.

Rule # 2 Late Cancellations (less than 48 hrs) for events for which there are confirmed reservations will be tracked. More than 2 per quarter will be reviewed. Exceptions will be made for illness and emergencies.

Revision of Rule #2 Those that cancel less than 48 hours are responsible for any cost inquired by the group because of their cancelations. Failure to pay those costs will result in the member's IMMEDIATE removal. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO EXCUSES.

Rule # 3 Please know that I am only interested in members that want to be active in this Group. If you do not attend an event within 90 days of joining you will be removed on the 90th day of your joining. Also if you do not attend an event in a 90 day period you will be removed unless you have communicated a valid reason to the Organizer.

Rule # 4 Email notifications must be turned on so as to receive important communications. To have your email notifications turned off will result in your removal from the group.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: In consideration for participating in any event hosted by the Southwest Suburban Single Seniors meetup, you represent you are of legal age to consume alcohol and agree to waive any liability to the group, its organizers, coorganizers and event hosts while participating in such event or arising out of transportation to or from the event. You acknowledge that you voluntarily assume all risks and damages for any accident, injury or personal property loss incurred as a result of participation in an event. Events posted by the Southwest Suburban Single Seniors do not constitute any level of expertise, guarantee of safety, or assumption of liability.

Any participation in this group is voluntary and at your own risk. By signing up to an event, you confirm you have read our Waiver of Liability terms found under the What We Are About section of our meetup page.

Wikipedia defines Social Clubs as:

Social activities clubs are a modern combination of several types of clubs and reflect today's more eclectic and varied society. These clubs are centered around the activities available to the club members in the city or area in which the club is located. Some have a traditional clubhouse, bar, or restaurant where members gather; others do not.

Events can include a broad range of activities from sporting events and social parties to ballet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballet), arts or book clubs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_discussion_club). Unlike traditional clubs they are not limited to one kind of event or special interest but include a broad range of events in their monthly calendars. The members choose the events in which the club is going to take part, based upon the changing interests of the members. The members themselves determine the events they will attend of those offered.

And so it is.....We are a Social Activities Club......In the truest sense and form. With being a Social Activities Club comes Rules.

Mission Statement:

To continue to be as engaged and relevant in this stage of our lives as we were leading up to it. By doing so we can continue to learn, to grow, to embrace life in ways that enrich our own and all of those we meet along the way.

Vision Statement:

To make new friends, share old and new interests and live a life full of activities that are diverse, interesting and fulfilling.

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