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As we are shifting to a whole new world and evoving consciousness, old ways of "doing & being" don’t work for us any longer. It's time to stop searching outside yourself.

We each have a unique mission on Earth. It slowly emerges with time as you live in unison with your individualized nature, and culminates in the full expression of your potential. It usually comes into play when you have planted a solid foundation & have a clear direction, and through which you can leave your mark on the world.

and "when inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and Aaaah! let the soul emerge. ~ Rumi♥

Stop the repetitive story & fear
Feel into that pain & avoidance
... that causes suffering
Let go of what no longer serves you
Be embodied
Become integrated, aware, empowered
Step into your magnificence & freedom
Manifest what you truly want

How long have you been trying?
... 30 years, 30 lifetimes?

What is the fastest way to soar, in a fulfilled life of joy and grace as you?

Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence is for those who:

🌐 Seek to remember who you are AND experience it by expressing your essence
🌐 Desire to remain calm & in joy regardless...
🌐 Stop searching for radiant health, fulfilling relationships, career... via a magic bullet outside yourself
🌐 Ask "is this it"? I've achieved all my goals. There has to be more to life!
🌐 Done living as Not Self - how most people live their entire lives, "barcoded" at birth
🌐 Looking for your unique User Manual and Sovereignty metrics to assess alignment with true Self
🌐 Listen to body's messages when it whispers, & not have to hear it scream
🌐 Have the courage to fully feel & take responsibility that something good can happen from everything in your life
🌐 Open to compassionate, "tough-love"

Join us every other third Tuesday, as we explore a different topic of how quantum, spontaneous changes ARE possible.

Programming destiny...


♥️"Sally is the real deal! She brings colors never seen before except in God's own garden." - C.H.

♥️"I spent over 35 years seeking knowledge about who I am & why I am here, how to achieve vibrant health, how to be embodied & aligned... Looking for answers from this & that religion, a multitude of spiritual teachers & programs, an extensive list of practitioners who all encourage their version of looking within for answers. Sally is the only one I know who insists on & enables an experiential knowing that all I need is already within me. When I am gifted with her insights & knowledge, it just feels like this vast, loving, familiar embrace. Or the kick in the butt that I needed to shift my perspective & remember who I am. Much gratitude! My life has changed for the positive in so many ways! My health, my relationships, being ok in my own skin, consciously responding to life vs. simply reacting... And oh how I wish Sally would be sharing herself with the rest of the world. She will blow you away. Thank you Sally!!" -- Karen

♥️"I HAVE KNOWN SALLY for many years and have watched as she has honed unique abilities to help one on their journey to health & well-being. The dynamic balance between keen logic & developed intuition allows Sally to see many facets of a person and also come up with quick solutions for their growth. I received guidance with my Human Design chart which aided me in understanding my strengths & weaknesses from an objective viewpoint, making self understanding a much easier task." - J. E.

♥️"MY EXPERIENCE WITH SALLY has been the most lasting & transformative session I’ve ever done with an intuitive. We began with grounding & I breathed in the sense of the sacred space which she had created. It felt safe, rooted & open to possibility.

Sally led me to where I could visualize & feel the place of trauma inside me. As we gently explored this, she began to offer ways I could start to encompass my feelings – in visualization & as feeling in the body. It was like being handed a toolbox with all the right tools to begin enacting change within.

I’ve worked over the years with both intuitives & clinical therapists, & often found that sessions open some energetic doors… but soon afterward, I lose the sense of it and forget much of what felt within reach during the session. Sally helped me to more deeply & physically feel and own the work of our sessions. I have much more easily retained the sense of release & empowerment that I received." - Linda

Yes, Sally is the REAL DEAL. Her wisdom, love & empathy for not only you, but humanity is inspiring and the truest form of love. I have worked with Sally for human design & healing sessions. For the time and heart that goes into this life changing experience, it is an extraordinary value & deal! She helped me feel safe in myself and work through illusions that were preventing me in becoming a better version of myself. Even when I am not physically working with Sally, I hear her, sense her & feel her support flowing & gently allowing space for me. Though the words are tough to convey exactly what happens through our time together, the best way I can describe it is multidimensional, vivid, ever-evolving, ever flowing and life changing. The investment with Sally is a benefit to the "past, present & future" self! Thank you for EVERYTHING Sally!! -- April

♥️"Sally is so much the REAL DEAL. Wisdom & comfort just flow through her emails & it’s so much appreciated! She provides a safe & accepting space within which I feel welcome for who I am, in her workshops & private sessions. Priceless! I’ve been to many health workers, all fields, and haven’t found A PLACE THAT I COULD BRING ALL OF ME until Sally. What a gift she offers! Ultimately the “hunting & pecking” with this body worker, that workshop, these practitioners, that we hope will lead us to that accepting place is really dragging out the process as it’s more avoidance than work. (My conclusion after I finally stopped all the nonsense & got honest with myself that I was looking for the quick fix, something easy & not too drawn out.) I feel so much better having dropped running in circles. When I am gifted with Sally's insights & knowledge, it feels like this vast, loving, familiar embrace. I feel humbled & honored. Yes, working with Sally costs money, but IT’S A CHOICE OF WANTING TO FEEL GOOD FOR A DAY or FEEL GOOD FOR LIFE. -- K


To navigate a life of purpose, growth & expansion.

Fully feeling...
...fears, pain, trauma, dreams...
Tapping into consciousness...
Shifting perceptions...
Giving the body new instructions...
Integrating all aspects of
your multi-dimensional self...
...Past lives/parallel lives, in this/other dimensions
Building awareness...
Connecting the dots...
Experientially finding your truth...
Embodying who you truly are
And thriving!

Restore radiant health in all five bodies: physical, emotional/energetic, mental, intuitive/multiverse & spiritual.

[An issue is resolved by therapies in its level or above. Lower levels help provide energy for higher-level work. I.e., if not a physical body issue, supplements may help you cope but not resolve the root cause.]


Is your life one of JOY, FULFILLMENT & EASE? Do you love getting up in the morning & seeing what new miracles/ syncronicities you will encounter?

Or do you keep running into resistance fulfilling your dreams? Tired of surviving in autopilot? Exhausted trying to control all aspects of your life? Done being a victim? Is your body in pain & dis-ease -- a plea to realign with who you are & the design of the body?

Or no matter what life throws at you – you know that what you make out of it is up to you. That something good is meant to happen from everything in your life.


Empowering you to have your own connection with your Innate and Source

"If you gain a little more mastery over your mind, body, and life energies, you can become the master of your destiny." ~~ Sadhguru

Know thyself

Practice mind-heart coherence & embodiment

Emotional mastery (including forgiveness)

Express your Essense/Spirit.


More quotes from Sadhguru:

"If your happiness depends upon what is happening outside of you, you are a slave to the external situation."

“THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU IS TO BE AN UNUSED LIFE. Whatever your capabilities, you must stretch them to the limit & a little beyond."

"Only if you do something larger than yourself, will you feel forever fulfilled."

"When we say unleashing human potential, it is not about reaching the peak. It is a trajectory.”


...Heart-Mind Entrainment
.........Programming Destiny

Intuitive, Activator, Mentor, Quantum Healer, Engineer, Business Consultant

My passion is the fusion of ancient wisdom & spirituality and cutting-edge technology & engineering. Uplifting & empowering you to embody all aspects of yourself and live a fulfilling life in your unique way, with ease, grace & joy. Helping you to:
Experientially know your uniqueness & be you in every day life & exquisite moments.
Detoxify what gets in the way.
Create through inner engineering. [Sadhguru reminds us that what was once considered mystical (ie, man flying), can be engineered (airplanes).]

I love applying my extensive experience researching complex systems issues, putting pieces of the puzzle into an integrated whole better than its piece parts, and finally remembering that the heart is the key to getting out of my own way & allowing "miracles".

• Lyme Dis-ease literate (ie, coinfections, heavy metal/chemical toxicity; mold; limiting beliefs; detoxification issues; autoimmunity; dynamics of physical/emotional/mental/intuitive/spiritual bodies)


1/3 Sacral Manifesting Generator
Right Angle Cross of Laws
Channels of Mastery, Exploration, Integrity/Vitality, & Mutation

A design of seeing laws can become outdated or simply not apply anymore. Knowing that everything can change in the next moment. Here to transcend confusion & establish order so something new & viable can take hold in the world.

UPLIFTS & FUELS AWARENESS. A design of impressive energy that EMPOWERS others toward individualism - displaying & celebrating your uniqueness. FINDING JOY in every day life. Reactivating wholeness & unity.

Perceives what is “off” in a pattern; great for any kind of diagnostic work. A drive to challenge the Not Self, to reveal your full True Self. A tremen-dous asset to those ready to hear. Always testing & retesting, SHARING what works & does not work, saving time, expense & suffering for those who ask. Not here to simply improve - Sally mutates on a genetic level. Assisting you to deprogram your DNA of its low frequency patterns (the Shadows), then reprogram your cells with the higher frequency patterns of your genius (the Gifts & Siddhis). Gradually increasing awareness & in time transcend a sense of separation & return to essence.

Richard Rudd defines Siddhi as the frequency relating to full embodiment & spiritual realization. The very concept of frequencies & levels dissolves when the Truth is realized as a Siddhi (meaning ‘Divine Gift’ in Sanskrit). The siddhic state only comes when all vestiges of the Shadow have been transformed into light. The alchemical process of transformation begins to accelerate until, finally, all falls silent. Each of the 64 Siddhis refers to a different expression of Divine Realization. Its expression will differ & can even appear contradictory, even though the realization is the same in each case. A process of letting go, expressing, re-member-ing...




The world can be a very confusing place and everything is becoming progressively faster & more complicated. Many people fall by the wayside, caught up in relationships that don’t work well and work that isn’t fulfilling. Trying to just survive (not thrive). They do their best but often their dreams seem to dissipate over time. We accept this as normal, but it doesn’t have to be that way!


1) NOT KNOWING who you are, your strengths & hidden talents, and why you are here

2) Letting your MIND make decisions vs. knowing how to make correct decisions in alignment with your basic nature

3) TOXICITY that blocks flow.
- An average person's thoughts are over 98% negative; most are subconscious
- Heavy metals & chemicals
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Shock rings from physical & emotional shock & trauma

4) Working strictly at the physical & energetic levels if your core issue is on a higher level (mental, intuitive or spiritual), and WITHOUT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY that something good happens from everything in your life. Selecting only modalities that TEMPORARILY SOOTHE and delay feeling into what shows up in your life and where you are & are not in alignment.

-- Christine Langley-Obaugh)

"There is a difference between a genuine spiritual process & spiritual entertainment. I have decided I will not enter entertainment business."

-- Sadhguru

(Your Unique User Manual)

The Science of Awakening (Human Design) -- breakthroughs that combine modern biochemistry & genetic understanding with ancient wisdom.

We enter into this life with a Soul Plan & Life Purpose. The unique expression of who you are has a specific reason for being here on planet. We truly are different from each other. We are not designed to live someone else's life.

When we are born, the energy of the world begins to take us away from the Truth of Who We Really Are. Your genetic lineage, experiences, pain, trauma, & beliefs that you learn from the people around you condition you away from that Truth.

The Not Self -- how most people live their entire lives, living life as a clone of someone else, never experiencing or sharing the uniqueness of who they truly are & why they are here.


✔ The HUMAN DESIGN System states it takes seven years to cellularly decondition the Not Self once you start living in alignment with your STRATEGY & INNER AUTHORITY (make correct decisions for using your energy/ focus/ ideas/ reflections -- & what your nervous system is designed to handle).

✔ SOVEREIGNTY THRU HEART-FELT PRESENCE quantum-evolution sessions quicken decondi-tioning of the Not-Self. (With focused intention & attention, it does NOT need to take 7 years to cellularly decondition the Not-Self & radiate the True You.)

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Radiant health, fulfilling career, loving relationships, financial abundance...?
Incongruencies in your body to manifesting this are identified. After grounding & breath work, feel what comes up in the body. Guidance suggests areas to tap into to stir up your juices -- questions invite you to feel deeper. You notice your focused attention brings up certain energies, colors, sensations & messages. Eventually you fully feel your pain, the core negative emotion is transmuted, the divine emotion re-activated & flow of light can again circulate in your body.

You begin to know experientially that you have all you need already inside you. You transmute emotional & physical trauma from childhood & parallel lives. You alchemize the shadow side you took on to transmute for yourself, family, ancestors, culture... You begin to no longer rely on something outside yourself, or create what someone else tells you is best (takes energy to live someone else's life). You learn to shift perceptions using sensations in the present moment to revive the body's natural ability to heal, let go of what no longer serves you, activate your Soul's purpose, integrate soul fragments/ multi-dimentional timelines, remember who you are & why you are here, manifest what you truly want, share your unique abilities.

✔BIOENERGETIC ASSESSMENT. The body is a flow system; disease is a result of toxic load in the body, nutritional deficiencies, and emotional & physical shock/trauma. Based on your intentions & The DESIGN OF THE BODY (TM), I eavesdrop in on the communications system of the body to find what it needs to heal itself, top-down & from the inside out -- the way the body developed.

Connecting the dots...




Making CORRECT DECISIONS based on your true nature

Restoring VIBRANT HEALTH, if can't remember when not had brain fog, pain, low energy, feeling disconnected... and don’t believe that’s “normal” at any age



REMAIN calm & in joy, in the middle of chaos
FINALLY LEARN that life lesson

EVOLVE beyond pain & avoidance
..OVERCOME fear, stress, anxiety & depression
.. .. FREEDOM from addiction & being a victim

STOP caretaking & take your power back
SHED Not-Self conditioning
... and PREVENT needless suffering
BECOME AWARE of your design's mechanics
... and STOP making who you are a problem
... not what others want you to be
DISCERN your truth

THRIVE when the world overwhelms others
REACTIVATE innate healing
EMPOWER children to be their healthy selves
RESTORE balance, clarity, joy & ease
REAWAKEN to true nature & untroubled heart

FAST TRACK your remembrances
EMBODY your multidimensional aspects
SHIFT consciousness
RADIATE your magnificience
SHARE your unique abilities
MANIFEST what you truly want

DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any & all services, communications or consultations with Sally T is for educational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it take the place of any medical, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. The choices you make & the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless & absolutely indemnify Sally T, from any & all liabilities & expenses.

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Join us as we explore practical applications of parallel realities in our lives. Many ancient metaphysical philosophies (Vedic, Kabbalism, Hinduism...) believed in multiple realms of existence within the Universe. A universe divided into "planes" & "sub-planes", each comprising its own realities. They intuitively knew the universe had many invisible parallel realities, but lacked the science to explain how this was possible. Quantum physics (the physics of energy & frequency) is beginning to prove it. . So what is a parallel reality? How many parallel realities exist? Do we shift realities? How often? Can shifting realities create what we want in life? What prevents us from being in a reality we prefer? How do we select our preferred reality? How does "past" & "future" relate to the present moment? Are our "past" & "future" set in stone? What happens when we focus on our past? ... on our future? Are there any constants in our life? What abilities are helpful to effectively navigate parallel realities? Is there a window of opportunity to catch your "preferred train", as certain trains may stop coming to your train station? Does this relate to being in the "Eye of the Storm"? Going through the "Eye of the Needle"? Do your beliefs impact your reality? What beliefs do enlightened ones have? Does the Collective Consciousness effect our reality? ... the five people we are with the most? ... TV, movies & music? Do you have any favorite TV series/movies on parallel realities? The Mandela effect? Is working at the thought level sufficient? Is physical action needed? "How is the outcome of your reality impacted by your intention, frequency, & neutrality? . . INVESTMENT: - $65 if your 1st, 2nd or 3rd masterclass - $95 (masterclasses are created to support clients' expansion & growth) Pay via: paypal.me/SallyT1111 Zoom link, or address near Annapolis Mall to participate in-person, will be provided after you RSVP and payment received. Message me if you have any questions or suggestions. . . For those who seek to go beyond preconceptions, who feel excitement & curiosity about expressing their essence, and intend to reclaim their freedom, power & step into their magnificence. . Exploring a different topic of how spontaneous, quantum changes ARE possible, every other third Tuesday. Remembering who we are and why we are here. Manifesting what we truly want Sharing our unique abiliies. . . I look forward to you joining us.

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