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Keys To LIVING YOUR UNIQUE HUMAN DESIGN: Strategy & Inner Authority
We enter into this life with a SOUL PLAN & LIFE PURPOSE. Imagine being given your USER MANUAL. How would this user manual help you? Guiding you on how to navigate life perfectly aligned with who you are. Detailing your talents, skills, potential, and a map for actualizing these. Helping you understand how you are designed to engage with the world & how you are susceptible to your environment's influence & conditioning. Revealing how your inner guidance system operates & provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life. Empowering you to live a fulfilling life in your unique way. Join us as we explore how to transform your life in five foundation steps based on the Human Design System. (Class 1 focuses on two steps) - Discover how to improve the quality of your life​ in a simple yet immensely effective way - Make the right moment-to-moment decisions​, resulting in improved relationships & life choices - Manage the challenges that are part of daily life without getting overwhelmed More about Human Design below. . INVESTMENT for Class 1: $45 $40 if register by Tuesday, December 4th Class is limited to 4 participants (+ facilitator) [Introductory Class 2: THE NOT SELF (living someone else's life) will be offered on another Saturday] . In-person, private sessions with Sally also available that afternoon for a fee: ♥️"Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence" quantum-evolution 30-minute sampler or a 60-90 minute session (to decondition the Not Self while living in alignment with your Strategy & Inner Authoritity). ♥️Deeper exploration of your unique foundation design. Requires accurate birth day/time/location (such as on your birth certificate) at least five days prior to your session. Remote sessions are also available via phone (message Sally to schedule a specific day/time). . Sally will contact you for a free 15-minute consultation once you RSVP to answer any questions & for us to see if we are a vibratory match. . LOCATION: Annapolis, MD Specific location near the Annapolis Mall will be provided upon registration. . Human Design offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious & unconscious aspects of yourself. It is a synthesis of Ancient Wisdom (Astrology [Eastern & Western], Hinduh chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I’Ching) and modern science (quantum physics, genetics), & life verified. Using simple tools, it guides you in discovering your own truth. If you suffer from a lack of self-love or clarity about your purpose and the direction of your life, this system can help. When we are born, the world begins to take us away from the TRUTH OF WHO WE REALLY ARE. Your genetic lineage, experiences, trauma, & beliefs that you learn from the people around you condition you away from that Truth, into living your NOT SELF. When you come to Human Design as AN ADULT, it has the potential to awaken your innate wisdom & power. Your process of awakening to your true self requires two things: EDUCATION & EXPERIMENTATION. For an adult, the road back to living life as yourself can be challenging: overcoming lifelong habits and the power of conditioning takes commitment, courage, & determination. To be what you are not—to live the Not Self conditioning—leads to dis-ease as you continually confront energies you are not genetically equipped to handle. Your "user manual" helps you understand how your body & mind are meant to run properly, and how to align with others who can support your process. The insights you gain help to protect you from being a victim of conditioning & the inner turmoil brought on by the mind. This lessens, or even eliminates, the fears & stresses that are part of everyday life. Living true to your Design allows you to interface and connect with the natural abundance of the Cosmic Plan & align with your birthright & the lessons you sought to master. This 'SCIENCE of AWAKENING’ enables one to accurately differentiate oneself from everyone else and is a gateway to self-knowledge at an incredibly deep level. This self-knowledge can be practically applied in one’s life and be life transforming. What did you decide to experience this lifetime? The Human Design System (see sample bodygraph image in photos below) includes unique activations of the possible: - 4 TYPES/ STRATEGIES [Class 1] - 8 INNER AUTHORITIES [Class 1] - 9 ENERGY CENTERS (The Self & Not Self) [Class 2] - 12 Profiles - 64 Gates & 36 Channels - 192 Incarnation Crosses - Plus many more design aspects Your Human Design (based on accurate birth date & time) validates that you are NOT broken & enables you to relax into who you are, begin to love yourself, stop trying to be who you are not, follow your excitement and enjoy the ride. The potential within each of us is vast and so little of it is normally expressed. I invite you to come explore who you are and life-verify. . . 🔺️ABOUT SALLY🔺️ Dedicated to creating sacred space for you to feel & observe what blocks your deepest longings, & connect with Source to receive what you need to transmute the blocks. Supporting powerful women/men who are: ⛰ Tired of searching for a magic bullet outside yourself or trying to control life with the Not-Self Mind ⛰ Just need a nudge for peak performance ⛰ Looking for your (or your children's) unique User Manual ⛰ Willing to listen to the body's messages & see your life as a mirror (ie, chronic dis-ease & job loss as a Higher Self's plea to awaken; gratitude for seeing alignment through your loving relationships, abundance, syncronicities...) ⛰ Have the courage to fully feel, take responsibility that something good can happen from everything in life (that all that shows up in your life is meant to give you what you need), & are open to compassionate, "tough-love" if needed ⛰ Value Sovereignty metrics as a way to assess how aligned you are to your true Self and as motivation ⛰ Intentional about co-creating with Source as the powerful being you already are (It does NOT need to take 7-14 years that the Human Design System states is needed to cellularly decondition the Not-Self once you start living your strategy & inner authority.) My passion is to help you let go of what no longer serves, remember who you are & why you are here, revive the body's life force & ability to heal itself, reclaim your sovereignty, and share your unique gifts. . 🔺️ABOUT SALLY -- HER "HUMAN DESIGN"🔺️ Sacral Manifesting Generator 1/3 Investigator/ Martyr with a Right Angle Incarnation Cross of Laws. Becoming wise in how laws work, as always testing & retesting. A design of seeing laws can become outdated or simply don't apply anymore. Evolving all around her as she fuels awareness, challenges old paradigms & beliefs and transcends limitation for herself & others. Aware that everything can be different in the next moment. As Sally correctly embodies her gates/channels by waiting to respond & then inform others if her sacral center says "ahhaa" (yes), she SHARES WHAT WORKS & does not work that SAVES TIME, EXPENSE & SUFFERING for those who ask. Sally SHARES, UPLIFTS & EMPOWERS. Not here to simply improve - Sally EVOLVES & TRANSCENDS LIMITATIONS for herself and those around her . DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any & all services, communications or consultations with Sally T is for educational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it take the place of any medical, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. The choices you make & the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless & absolutely indemnify Sally T, from any & all liabilities & expenses. . I HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US. I LOOK FORWARD TO CO-CREATING WITH YOU. . "There is a difference between a genuine spiritual process and spiritual entertainment. I have decided I will not enter entertainment business." "Call it stress, tension, anxiety, depression – essentially, it is just this: your intelligence [Mind] has turned against you." "If alI your energies are focused in one direction, enlightenment is not far away. After all, what you are seeking is already within you." - Quotes from Sadhguru . Join us at Third Tuesday "Sovereignty" workshops in Annapolis, where we explore different topics of how quantum, spontaneous changes ARE possible for those consciously choosing to be engaged in their life, have the courage to fully feel and take responsibility that something good can happen from everything in their life. .


2002 Annapolis Mall · Annapolis

What we're about

Is your life one of SOVEREIGNTY, JOY, HAPPINESS & EASE? Do you love getting up in the morning & seeing what new miracles/ syncronicities you will encounter?

Or are you experiencing resistance in fulfilling your dreams? Tired of being a victim? Is your body in pain & dis-ease -- a plea for you to realign with who you are & the design of the body.

Are you ready to reclaim your sovereignty & birthright, let go of what no longer serves you (and isn't even yours), remember who you are & why you are here, step into your magnificence, and manifest what you truly want?

Join us every third Tuesday, as we explore a different topic of how quantum, spontaneous changes ARE possible.

"The worst thing that can happen to you is to be an unused life. Whatever your capabilities, you must stretch them to the limit & a little beyond."

"The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is."

- Quotes by Sadhguru


The world can be a very confusing place and everything is becoming progressively faster & more complicated. Many people fall by the wayside, caught up in relationships that don’t work well and work that isn’t fulfilling. Trying to just survive (not thrive). They do their best but often their dreams seem to dissipate over time. We accept this as normal, but it doesn’t have to be that way!


1) NOT KNOWING who you are, your strengths & hidden talents, and why you are here

2) Letting your MIND make decisions vs. knowing how to make correct decisions in alignment with your basic nature

3) TOXICITY that blocks flow.
- An average person's thoughts are over 98% negative; most are subconscious (Pam Ragland)
- Heavy metals & chemicals
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Shock rings from physical & emotional shock & trauma

4) Working strictly at the physical & energetic level if your core issue is on a higher level of healing (mental, intuitive or spiritual), WITHOUT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY that something good can happen from everything in your life. Selecting only modalities that TEMPORARILY SOOTHE and delay feeling into what shows up in your life and where you are not in alignment.

-- Christine Langley-Obaugh)

"Destiny is what you create for yourself. Fate is when you fail to create your own destiny."

"If your happiness depends upon what is happening outside of you, you are a slave to the external situation."

-- Quotes from Sadhguru

(Your Unique User Manual)

The Science of Differentiation -- breakthroughs that combine modern genetic understanding with ancient wisdom.

We enter into this life with a Soul Plan & Life Purpose. The unique expression of who you are has a specific reason for being here on planet. We truly are different from each other. We are not designed to live someone else's life.

When we are born, the energy of the world begins to take us away from the Truth of Who We Really Are. Your genetic lineage, experiences, pain, trauma, & beliefs that you learn from the people around you condition you away from that Truth. Living true to your Design allows you to interface & connect with the natural abundance of the Cosmic Plan and align with your destiny & the lessons you sought to master before you even incarnated.


SOVEREIGNTY THROUGH HEART-FELT PRESENCE quantum-evolution sessions quicken deconditioning of the Not-Self. In a sacred space, feeling sensations in the body surfaces beliefs & "shoulds" you took in from parents, family, religion, culture, mass consciousness... - the lies we tell ourselves that aren't true or even ours. The invitation & willingness to let go of what no longer serves and provide the body what it needs, transmutes these incongruencies, leaving the true radiance of who you already are.

Your potential for creating something deeper, richer & lasting is within your grasp. This is your invitation to remember & embrace your magnificient self. Would you like to ‘Know Thyself”?


For those who can't remember when they didn't have brain fog, pain, low energy, feeling disconnected... And don’t believe that’s “normal” at any age.

Tired of needing contrast to show us what we do not want, to help us better know what we do what



REMAIN calm & in joy, in the middle of chaos
FINALLY LEARN that life lesson
FREEDOM from addiction & being a victim
PREVENT needless suffering
OVERCOME fear, stress, anxiety & depression
TRANSMUTE Not-Self conditioning
RETRIEVE soul fragments due to shock & trauma
EVOLVE beyond pain & avoidance

EXPERIENCE your magnificience
THRIVE when the world overwhelms others
REACTIVATE innate healing
EMPOWER children to be their healthy selves
RESTORE balance, clarity, joy & ease
REAWAKEN to true nature & untroubled heart
LIVE a life of Purpose

EXPAND your healing abilities
STRENGTHEN conscious connection to Source
MAGNETIZE life's syncronicities
RADIATE & SHARE your unique abilities
MANIFEST what you truly want


Intuitive, quantum healer, engineer, ACTIVATOR

Activator as defined in dictionary:
- Biology. Brings about activation; increases activity of an enzyme/protein (aka life) that increases production of a gene product in DNA transcription
- Physics. Activates a molecule
- Aerates in order to accelerate decomposition of impure organic matter
- Stimulates differentiation
- Causes luminescence

Extensive experience researching complex systems issues & cutting-edge information, putting pieces of the puzzle into an integrated whole, and finally getting out of her own way to allow Source's miracles. Dedicated to creating sacred space, for you to fully experience heart-felt presence, feel & observe what blocks your deepest longing & connect with Source to receive what you need to transmute the blocks and remember who you are & why you are here (and compassionate “tough-love” if needed).

• B.S. Engineering/Operations Research
• M.S. Information Management

• Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence quantum-evolution Sally co-created with Source
• BioEnergetic Assessment. International College of BioEnergetic Medicine
• Emotional CPR. Dr L. Woolley
• Human Design System. Jovian Archive, various mentors
• Dynamic Body Balancing. Dr. Carol Phillips
• Certified Medical Intuitive. Stacey Mayo
• Autonomic Response Testing. Dr Klinghardt
• Brain Restore in 4. Dr. D. Kalish
• Isha Institute of Inner Sciences. Sadhguru
• SevenOaks Pathwork 5-year program
• Traditional Acupuncture Institute Sophia 1-year program
• Lyme Dis-ease literate (ie, coinfections, heavy metals/chemical toxicity, mold, adrenal fatigue, autoimmunity; detoxification; dynamics of the physical/emotional/mental/intuitive/spiritual bodies)


"Sally brings colors never seen before except in God's own garden." - C.H.

DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any & all services, communications or consultations with Sally T is for educational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it take the place of any medical, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. The choices you make & the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless & absolutely indemnify Sally T, from any & all liabilities & expenses.

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