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Space for Self offers guidance towards living in your Authentic Truth.

Uncover your optimum self and let go of what no longer serves you utilizing time tested techniques from ancient cultures, techniques used in creative and expressive arts therapy and principles and practices from the mindful world of Kundalini Yoga in conjunction with the core tenets of Psychology, Existential Coach, Maridi Jooste, will take you under her gentle guidance to a deep sense of Self-Actualization.

Living in an unpredictable world a lot of us need time and a space to think and feel. About ourselves, the people we would like to be and our place in the world. At Space for Self we have an opportunity to work on becoming the best versions of ourselves.


Workshops are aimed at facilitating self-awareness and self-empowerment. When you become aware of your own thoughts and emotions, you can learn to work through what no longer serves you, get a better idea of what you want and become the person who can achieve it.

Having a holistic approach workshops consider all five elements of nature:
Wood/ Spring - Getting rid of what no longer suits you, keeping/finding good
Fire/ Summer - Express, getting rid of Emotions
Earth/ Late Summer – Get Grounded/ Centered/ Balanced
Metal/Autumn – Thinking, Communication, Letting go of Concerns
Winter/Water – Inward Reflection, Rest and Restoration

Techniques from the Creative and Expressive Arts and Kundalini Yoga are used in combination with Psychology and Coaching to create a balance between thinking, feeling, listening, expressing and being in silence.

Who am I?

Maridi Jooste - Existential Self-Development Coach

I am not the lady with a Colgate smile and blow-dried hair pretending to have life all figured out. I became a Self-Development Coach, because I had questions in life and needed to walk this route in life. Today I can share with like minded individuals what I have learned, not as an expert, but as a person guiding you on your own journey.

From a background in the Expressive Arts as Film, TV, Theater Writer, Producer, Director, Actress, Wardrobe Lady, Production Coordinator and Location Scout my love for stories started with a sensitivity for characters, their background shaping their current beliefs and how they very often can surprise you with unexpected actions of loyalty, courage and kindness. Their journeys and realizations shaped my wisdom and growth and their endings made me reflect on the way I would like to see my own life.
​ I realized that these stories look a lot like real stories we tell ourselves, playing an integral part in the way our lives are shaped. Life stories does not need to happen on a screen to show the world, but it can be applied in an intimate space, where individuals get together to actively work on reconstructing their true stories, their lives. Besides for working with real stories, I also like to incorporate Storytelling as metaphor in my coaching.
​ Having also an academical background in Psychology, I started as therapist for autistic children. Here I realized the value of incorporating physical techniques to communicate to the subconscious. Being passionate about Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness and creativity, I persisted the teacher training as a way of incorporating mindfulness and meditations to my coaching practice where applicable.
​ I then pursued my Masters in Management Coaching at Stellenbosch Business School, where I learned about the corporate world and how my skills to date can be applied. Today I work as Coach for private clients as well as at corporate companies and NGOs.

​MPhil Management Coaching

BAPsychHons Psychology

BDramHons Creative Writing and Directing

BDram Expressive Arts

KRI registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Family Systemic Constellations Facilitator (in Training)

Financial Management for Non-Financial Members Certificate

MBA Foundation Course

Time to Think Coaching Certificate

FAMSA Couples Therapy Certificate

Gestalt and Play Therapy Certificate

Sangoma Spiritual Healer Foundation Course

New York Film Academy Fimmaker Certificate

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