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Have a Space Fun Friday with Dinner and Socializing...
Dec 18, 2015 Space Fun Friday - Dinner and Socializing ! Presented by S3V, this FREE meetup is for socializing and talking about space interests. Have dinner and chat the night away. Buy your own beverages and food. Locations and Times: Redwood City, 7:15pm - Harry's Hofbrau, 1909 El Camino Real, Redwood City, California 94063; (650)[masked]; - Golden Gate group San Leandro, 7:00pm - Chili's, 15555 East 14th St, Suite 366, San Leandro, CA 94578, at Bayfair Center at Hwy 580 and Hwy 880;[masked]; - East Bay group San Rafael, 6:00pm - Mountain View Winery, 1040 Court Street, San Rafael, CA 94901, in the North Bay; (415)[masked]; - Genesis group meets here weekly on Thursday and Friday evenings! ===== Presented by Genesis, this FREE meetup is for socializing and talking about space interests. Taste and chat the night away... Event is completely BYOB. [Buy your own beverages]

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What we're about

Welcome to the International Space Hackers Society

Space Hackers is an initiative of Dr Churchill and his Space Innovation Solutions, and as such, we aim to provide incentives for innovation, and forwards transfer of technology, knowledge, and expertise, as well as resources and finance, between Space Tech, and all other New Tech in our World where the Innovation and Permeability of New technologies and Space Related Application arises in all areas of Tech, such as Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Software, Guidance and Navigation systems, Drones, Automation, Logistics, AeroSpace Manufacturing, Hardware design, Engineering, and all other disciplines in STEM that are motivated by the gnawing need of the Human species to reach for the skies.

As Space Hackers, we are keen to employ all of the Technologies and their intersection with each other in order to explore beyond the gravitational boundaries, and the self imposed barriers, that keep us tethered comfortably to or little blue rock hurling though space...

In fact we are simply a bunch of adventurers, seeking to expand the frontiers of the Cosmos and the Universe, and to export Human Civilization into Space. And that in a few words is our Mission and our stated Purpose.

Additionally, being such a great undertaking -- Space hacking provides us with a meaningful existence to boot...

From long experience, through working in Space Exploration and Development -- we of course work with NASA and other agencies and governmental institutions and universities and companies R&D departments, but as the leaders of the International Space Hackers Society, we are compelled to call for Open Skies, and for far less governmental regulations and more private sector involvement in the new business models of Public Private Partnerships, and Political Entrepreneurship in Space Innovation, in order to be allowed to pioneer the giant steps we need to take in the direction of Far Space Exploration, Development, & Innovation.

This group is a good home for people who aspire to reach the Heavens, to explore the skies, and to trade Earthly comfort with the majesty of the Universe. It is of course also a great home for Space Hackers, Space Entrepreneurs, Space Communicators, SpaceShip Engineers, Space Startuppers, Space Funders, Space Innovation Entrepreneurs, AeroSpace Engineers, AeroSpace Geeks, Satellite Hackers, Drone builders, Space Venturers, and Space Adventurers...

Space Angels, Artists, Afficionados, Educators, Policy Mavens, Scientists, and Thinkers, are especially welcome.

This MeetUp is crowdsourced with events and preferences, organized by a wide community -- so get involved and post all the relevant events that you find useful and of interest, for all the other Space Enthusiasts, so that we can all find worthy events to attend, participate, and network with each other.

Post your needs for talent, for co-founders, for Startuppers, and for events of common interest. Feel free to RSVP in some events, and come meet folks, and create relationships, in order to create your following, your posse, and your Community.

Come join this adventure into Space and beyond...

Let's hack Space for the Good of Humanity and Progress.

Let's bring Human Civilization into Space and beyond Earth.


Dr Churchill


A Poem dedicated to the Spacefaring Humans of tomorrow...

"I care not if you bridge the skies,

Or ride secure the cruel Space,

Or build consummate palaces on Mars,

Of metal, of carbon, or of masonry.

Have you any wine and music up there?

What of statues and bright-eyed love?

And what of foolish thoughts of good and evil?

Do you offer prayers to them who sit above?

What's your future's most awesome possibility?

Are there some people alive today who may witness the future of Man living in Space?

What about a Man living in other Planet?

What of the human colony on Mars?

And what of settlements on other exoplanets?

Since I can never see your face

And never shake you by the hand,

I send my soul through time and space

To greet you.

You will understand."

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