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Speak like a Mexican: the best meetup around for fun & useful Spanish language practice!

** WHO WE ARE **

We are Spanish teachers that created a community in Mexico City for all learners of Spanish! And now we want to create an online community in New York.

We skip the small talk and jump straight into topic-driven, interesting conversations. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to improve your language skills!


"This is the closest thing to full immersion you’ll find”

We use more vocab and phrases than in a formal class


When you arrive we’ll give you little cards with your “conversation fire-starters”. They contain interesting talking points that will kick off your Spanish conversations. The whole idea is that it’s an excuse to discuss topics you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to talk about, boosting your vocabulary and your speaking ability in a variety of different contexts.

*** FAQ ***

Q) When is it?

A) We run events once per week.

Q) How much is it?

A) The event is totally FREE.

Q) How good does my Spanish have to be?
A) We are open to anyone and everyone, but obviously you need to have a conversational level of Spanish. This does not mean fluent, (or even close to it!). This is all about improving your speaking skills, so if you’re in doubt, you should come along. Everyone is here to learn!


Please do click attending on any upcoming events so we can be sure to prepare enough conversation fire-starters for you all! (If you're booking on last minute, it's no problem as we tend to bring extras just in case).


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PRACTICE SPANISH ONLINE ¨Speak like a Mexican¨

Online event

PRACTICE SPANISH ONLINE ¨Speak like a Mexican¨

Online event

PRACTICE SPANISH ONLINE ¨Speak like a Mexican¨

Online event

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