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Spanish Lessons Muswell Hill is a fun and interactive way to get started in Spanish. - Come try out our FREE Taster Class on the 5th June!

If you have been thinking for some time that you would like to learn Spanish, perhaps you have a holiday coming up or maybe you just like the idea of learning a new language. Taking Spanish classes in a group environment is for sure the most cost-effective way of picking up Spanish.

Our 6-week program held in at The Spanish Green Shed in the centre of Muswell Hill.

Our syllabus:

1) 'About You' you will learn how to:

· Introduce yourself

· Make basic greetings eg how are you?

· Reply with various responses eg very well

· Explain what you do for a living

· Say where you live

· Talk about your family

2) 'On Your Holiday' you will learn how to:

· Buy train/bus tickets or book a cab

· Check into a hotel

· Ask for directions

· Request a table at a restaurant

· Order food and drinks

· Ask for the bill

· Tell the time

· Count to 100

And much more!

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1 Tetherdown

Welcome Amigos! Do you want to learn Spanish? Are you going to a Spanish speaking county, have you a property overseas or maybe you just want some fun in learning a new language? Whatever your learning a new language is good for the brain as it creates new pathways to the brain improving memory. Who knew? Our FREE TASTER class is held on the 5th June[masked]pm in Muswell Hill at "The Green Shed", 1 Tetherown, Muswell Hill N10 1ND, a delightful space situated in a lovely garden alongside apple trees and a giant fig tree. (Entrance is by the side door of 1 Tetherdown, not by the front door). Come 5-10 mins before 7.30pm to pick up a nice glass of Spanish wine before the taster begins! We will be having a lot of fun learning some basic greetings and by the end of the session you will be able to say hello, introduce yourself, ask someone how they are and even order a drink from the bar. You will be also have met new people, have some FREE tapas and lots of fun and even learn some Spanish! If after the FREE Taster Class wish to join us for the 6 week Beginners Holiday Spanish Course that starts on 12th of June then you can sign up on the night and get a early bird discount of £10. Places are limited to 14 so hurry up and book as spaces fill up quickly. The 6 week course is £107 but with the early bird discount it will be £97. You will receive all materials during the course. All you have to do is bring a pen! Your Spanish teacher is Odette. I learnt Spanish and English at the same time because my Mother was Spanish and my Father English. I lived in Spain until I was seven before we settled in London, so my background has been truly bilingual. After gaining my Institute of Linguists Diploma in Spanish I returned to Spain to work in Hospitality and Tourism. And with my experience in helping guests in Holiday Spanish it helped me create the 6 week Beginners course! Hope to see you soon! Or as they say in Spanish "Hasta La Vista! Odette Garvey Spanish Lessons Muswell Hill

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