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Spanish Lessons Muswell Hill is a fun and interactive way to get started in Spanish. - Come try out our FREE Taster Class on the 5th June!

If you have been thinking for some time that you would like to learn Spanish, perhaps you have a holiday coming up or maybe you just like the idea of learning a new language. Taking Spanish classes in a group environment is for sure the most cost-effective way of picking up Spanish.

Our 6-week program held in at The Spanish Green Shed in the centre of Muswell Hill.

Our syllabus:

1) 'About You' you will learn how to:

· Introduce yourself

· Make basic greetings eg how are you?

· Reply with various responses eg very well

· Explain what you do for a living

· Say where you live

· Talk about your family

2) 'On Your Holiday' you will learn how to:

· Buy train/bus tickets or book a cab

· Check into a hotel

· Ask for directions

· Request a table at a restaurant

· Order food and drinks

· Ask for the bill

· Tell the time

· Count to 100

And much more!

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