What we're about

Hola! 👋🏼 This group is for anyone who wants to practice their Spanish. Non-native speakers who want to practice. And native speakers who want to keep using their Spanish, or share their culture. The only rule is to stick to Spanish and not fall back on English during the meetups.

Twice, I’ve gone to events at the other OC Spanish group…. and no one bothered to show up! The organizers are just using meetup as a way to advertise language classes. Lame.

This group is not like that. I’m not advertising anything, I started this group to practice Spanish, nothing else.

I lived in Spain for 9 months. 🇪🇸 I’d say I’m about 50% fluent.

We have a good group of 5 or 6 regulars that come out to every event, so there will always be someone to practice your Spanish with. 😁

Who Is This Group Not For?

This group is not for absolute beginners. If you have no Spanish at all, take a class first. Beginners are totally welcome! But there has to be a foundation to go off of. If you’ve had at least 3 months of classes, or 3 months consistent learning on your own, I'd say you’re good to go! 🙂

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