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Spark4Healthcare is a working group for the Healthcare Informatics Framework (HCIF). This team of experts will work with Healthcare organizations on adapting HCIF into their organizational strategy to develop Healthcare Analytics and Predictive Analytics solutions. We seek additional applicants to join this team with backgrounds in the various areas: Health Science, Social Science, Information Science, Technology Development and Management Science. The expertise desired includes operational as well as academic.

Team members expertise needed: We specifically need Information Solutions Architects, HealthIT Project Managers, Health Executives of various disciplines (e.g. CEO, CIO, CFO, CMO, CMIO, COO, CHIO, Nurse etc), Health Policy (national and local), Public Health (national and local) Social Services (local primarily), Technical Leads and Technology Developers. This list will continue to evolve and iterate as projects mature.

What do we do: Initially members will be oriented to the Healthcare Informatics Framework developed by Dr. Owns, Richard Greenhill, and others. Next members will refine skill sets and begin work on a project from a health organization with resource support from IBM and other sponsors. Artifacts from the HCIF work will yield papers, presentations, that will be presented in our current meet-up groups "Healthcare Predictive Analytics" & "Health Informatics Framework" and other seminars. Once the group work matures, it will be made available to a broader audience of organizations (e.g. healthcare, public health, technology etc.) for service offerings.

Future team building process: Once the inaugural Spark4Healthcare team achieves full functionality with a successful rollout , new teams from "Healthcare Predictive Analytics" & "Health Informatics Framework" will emerge as needed for additional iterations. Team members commitment: Team members are required to spend at least 5 hours a week on learning, contributing, networking and promotion of the HCFI framework and project work. Members who are unable to meet these requirements will be removed from the team. Members who cannot commit time, should consider joining "Healthcare Predictive Analytics" & "Health Informatics Framework" groups for updates.

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