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What we're about

This is for those interested in personal development and overcoming mental health issues like depression and anxiety. We will discuss cptsd, the effects of narcissistic abuse and potential routes of recovery and healing.

We will also consider external factors, culture, society and systems (work and family) as sources of trouble too. There is a trap in over-pathologising everything and making it all the fault of the individual.

Sometimes you really are just in a bad spot and the depression/anxiety is symptomatic of those circumstances, not a deep childhood trauma. And sometimes it is actually something deeper. We explore both possibilities equally and make no assumptions.

The approach uses a lot of humour. You should probably check out the spartanlifecoach youtube channel first to see if its your cup of tea.

"Political correctness" and "word policing" is, in my view, poisonous to recovery as it externalises agency and locus of control. It also corrupts language by making it hard to talk freely. This stops us from thinking clearly.

Thinking clearly is, in my view, moderately helpful to a successful life! (revolutionary concept, I know.)

Internalising your agency, developing your sovereignty (and boundaries) and making your own capacity to think critically your "internal locus of control" is critical to full scale healing.

So there will be no "trigger warnings", Identity politicking or general PC word policing allowed in this group.

My job and this groups purpose is to help human persons to heal, to suffer less and to approach life with humour, optimism, discipline and a robust and resilient sense of self. I cant make the world safer, but I can make you more able to deal with it.

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