What we're about

This is NOT just another communication skills class.

Change Makers Practice Club is a communication-skills meetup to practice networking, pitching and speaking up about your mission.

Do you wish you could practice talking about your project, idea or business? Do you get nervous networking? Does pitching make you wobble and quiver? Do you sometimes get scared and end up staying quiet?

Then show up here and practice speaking up with confidence!

Just £10 on the door. See you there!


~ Practice leading conversations with your purpose and values
~ Grow your pitching and networking skills
~ Get personalised tips from an embodied speaking coach
~ Connect with like minded do-gooders & changemakers



This is a practice club for people who don't want to lie or pretend any more.

It is a focused and trailblazing space every two weeks for you to practice speaking up about the positive impact you are working on. Every session you will get tips and nudges from Embodied Speaking Coach; Thea May. As well as gather with like-minded do-gooders.

It is a professional-family dedicated to positive impact. Everyone in this club is committed to a life, project or business that is making the world a better place in their own way.

Learn to walk and talk like the changemaker that you are!



“Thea is fiercely pointing out, and shining a torch at what you need to look at. I would recommend this to anybody who wants their work to be connected to their values.”

– Melissa Abecassis, Conflict Resolution and Empathy Coaching



Thea May is an Embodied Speaking Coach with over 10 years coaching experience. She works exclusively with positive-change speakers on their spoken communication.

Thea's clients are:

~ Passionate change-makers with something to say, but who get flustered when the pressure is on
~ People with a purpose and a desire to communicate it with their whole self
~ Big thinkers with a message to share and a will to make it count, even under pressure
~ Straight talkers alienated by business jargon and superficial chit-chat

Thea is a firm believer in the power of the connected voice as a tool for changing the status quo, supporting speakers who addresses our planetary survival crisis and imagine a way through.

Her style is playful, direct and nurturing. Her work will encourage you and draw you out, challenge you to become the biggest version of yourself and support you in making that shift.
Thea is a champion of people with a burning message and a yearning to be heard, and will give you her all to make that possible.



Thea May offers 1-1 and group coaching programs, as well as fin and focused evening events to grow your speaking skills further...

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