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You think this is a meetup for nerds? No!No!No! This is a meetup for cool people to hangout after a long week! We drink, eat, chat, and laugh, and that's it! BTW, some important information at the end of details.

This is a very casual meetup. Native Mandarin speakers who need to improve English or native English speakers who need to learn or improve mandarin, they meet and chat about anything in Chinese and English at this meetup.

Who may attend:

-Native Mandarin speakers who want to improve their English.

-Native English speakers who want to improve their Mandarin .

-Anyone who lived in China previously and want to maintain their level of

-Anyone who wants to visit China and need to learn or brush up on their Mandarin.

-Come by anytime before the Meetup ends.

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Chinese English cultural exchange

Needs a location

I will update this announcement as it gets closer to the time of the meetup i.e. next week. We hope to meet in a new location.

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