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Anyone wanting to learn more about drum circles and learn the healing power of drums is welcome to join this group. We love to get together & just drum, heal & play.

Remo Belli once said; "It’s time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree, and an educational tool for every classroom.” I agree with Remo and I'd like to add that it is also the most satisfying instrument to play that can unite a village and heal the world.
Taiko Grand Master Tanaka said most people just listen to drumming. He said; " I want people to not only hear the sound, but also watch the sound, see the sound, and feel the sound."

We do just that. Villages are becoming one with the drum. We play by feeling communication with the spirit of the drums, each other, and the world. Come join us in the challenge to help make the world a better place, since drumming is meant to be shared and creates fitness health, wellness and oneness.

The primary goal of this group is not only having fun, but creating a "whole mind, whole body" experience for all participating. We do a little of everything from listening to performers to being them ourselves and enjoying everything there is to know about all types of drums.

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