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I set this group up because I want to discuss issues and solutions around how diet and nutrition can impact and improve the wellness of children with special needs. Do you know a child with allergies, anxiety, stomachaches, a picky eater, ASD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, quirky etc. It can be challenging to teach children about healthy eating -- especially if the child is very picky and/or resistant to new foods. If you are a parent, a service provider, a grandparent, or a person living with special needs yourself, join us to talk about the current thinking regarding the value of a nutritional approach to supporting improved well being for the special needs child. Perhaps you have tried a special diet and it has worked -- or not; perhaps you are looking for recipes that will appeal to you or your child; perhaps you want to vent. Join us and share resources and support, and a few laughs. Feel free to e-mail me with your ideas any time. best, Paula

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