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Meeting scheduled for Sunday December 23rd cancelled.
This is a continuation of our first two meetings, a discussion of the process involved in actually incorporating with New York State as a 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts entity, devoted to developing and presenting new musicals and plays to as wide an audience as possible from the NY-NJ-CT area, at the lowest possible ticket prices. As of July 29th, we now have a temporary executive board in place, 6 people who will continue to serve the group until such time as an election is held for officers who will then assume the duties of administration, fundraising, legal and real estate (offices, performing and rehearsal spaces), accounting/bookkeeping, publicity/public relations, advertising/marketing and daily operations. Our plan, once we are further along with the business agenda, is to present SPECTATORIUM SAMPLER, a program of songs and scenes from the various musicals and plays we intend to develop and produce. THE AUDITIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WITHIN THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS AND ALL PERFORMING ARTIST MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE. If you haven't yet joined NYC Non-Profit Musicals PLEASE DO SO ASAP AND POST A FACE PHOTO OF YOURSELF ON YOUR PROFILE. YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION, WHETHER AS A PERFORMING ARTIST, DIRECTOR, CHOREOGRAPHER, DESIGNER, TECHNICIAN, PLAYWRIGHT, LYRICIST, COMPOSER OR MUSICIAN IS ESSENTIAL TO OUR SUCCESS.

New York City Center, 131 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

New York City Center, 131 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019 · New York, Ne

What we're about

DO: If you are a member of the performing arts industry, whether an actor, singer, dancer, playwright, lyricist, composer, musician, director, choreographer, designer (scenery, costumes, lighting, makeup/hair, props) technician, backstage or front-of-house worker, gopher (go-for) producer, agent, film/video maker, supporter from the business community (contributor/donor) or just someone who attends LIVE shows and loves Show Biz, POST A CLEAR PHOTO OF YOUR OWN FACE on your profile.

DON'T: Post a photo of your child, pet, partner, neighbor, bunch of friends, flowers or twee (icky-poo) phrases like "Love you all!" or anything similar.

DO: Tell us something about yourself, your experience as a Thespian, training, etc. and MOST importantly BE OVER THE AGE OF 18!

DON'T: Even think about joining if you are UNDER the age of 18, unless you have written consent from your parent or guardian and that person joins with you.

DO: Pay dues monthly ($10.00) semi-annually ($49.50) or SAVE A WHOPPING $21.00 by paying $99.00 annually to cover the cost of start-up (organizing a new group, or taking up the challenge of keeping an existing group going when the person who organized it QUITS, for whatever reason, is $49.50 EVERY SIX MONTHS.

This fee is payable BY CHECK, SO WE CAN OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT WITH A MINIMUM OF $200.00 at TD Bank. Once we've done that, you can use your credit or debit card, or pay by electronic deposit.

Your dues also cover our registration with New York State as a real 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity, which means any money we receive from members, donations, contributions, merchandising or ticket sales will be NON-TAXABLE FOR THE GROUP, and members can take a deduction from their own taxes. We'll also register as a Limited Liability Company, which means members will not be held responsible for debts incurred by the organization.

DON'T: Think that you can get away without paying dues and that someone else's money will be used for you to participate in shows, classes and special events.

DO: Attend regularly scheduled MONTHLY MEETINGS, especially if you want to participate in shows, classes and programs and to vote for officers, which we will do on September 30th, 1 PM at Worldwide Plaza, 350 West 50th Street in Manhattan. TAKE THE E OR C TRAIN TO 50TH STREET & 8TH AVENUE, WALK WEST TOWARD 9TH AVENUE, GO PAST THE 8TH AVENUE HIGHRISE TOWER AND TURN INTO THE OPEN-AIR PLAZA. WE'LL BE AT THE TABLES OPPOSITE THE OVERHEAD SIGN WHICH READS: 350 WEST 50TH STREET!

DON'T: Miss more than three meetings in a row, unless you are ill or dead, or unless a family member is ill or dead.



Actors, singers, dancers, playwrights, lyricists, composers, musicians, directors, choreographers, designers (scenery, costumes, lighting, props, makeup), seamstresses, wardrobe people, technicians, stage managers, and most importantly, producers, aspiring producers, development directors (fundraisers), publicists, marketers, bookkeepers, accountants & volunteer lawyers for the arts and owners/managers of large, underused but structurally sound and safe buildings convenient to public transportation.

We'll present musicals and plays which appeal to as wide an audience as possible, with the intent of entertaining them and informing them about current issues and the human condition in general. These will include new works, classics, and the standard repertoire, seeking to present new and valid interpretations which speak to as diverse a population as that of the Borough of Queens itself, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, with nontraditional casting where it is appropriate.

We'll also offer classes and workshops in all theater disciplines. These will be scheduled conveniently and open to beginners, amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals.

Participation will be strictly voluntary until such time as we show a healthy balance in our bank account. To that end, we need to incorporate as a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization as soon as possible.

This will require an unpaid board of directors--a minimum of three people and a maximum of seven--to supervise the daily activities of the cooperative, each with a specific area of expertise and responsibility. The board will have regularly scheduled meetings and be held legally and financially accountable.

In addition, there will be a managing director in charge of daily operations, an artistic director, a technical director, a producing director and such others as are deemed necessary to the efficient function of the cooperative. They will advise the board of directors and will be salaried or given a stipend for their services.

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