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Human-centered technology: Printed Organs & Synthetic Meat

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Human-centered technology: Printed Organs & Synthetic Meat


Join us for the first edition of Speculative Futures: Stuttgart for talks and discussions related to human-centered technology.


Bloodline - Computer Aided Biology Design
Whether for skin, liver, kidney or lungs - printed biology already allows the labs to test drugs on human models without risk and can make many animal experiments obsolete. The research work of Roman Stefan Grasy deals with the digital modeling of human vessel structures and 3D printing with living cells. What does the state of the art technology already enable us to do today? Which digital & biological artifacts will & can arise in the future? In his talk, Roman will share examples of a project done in cooperation with Cellbricks GmbH, FH Potsdam, Intuity Media Lab GmbH.

The Meat We Want - What could a desirable future with cell-based meat look like?
This question was addressed by Mona Konietzny and Patrick Muchowski in their master thesis. It led to the development of a method for human-centered utilization of new technologies.


We're excited to welcome two local designers to our first event!

Roman Stefan Grasy is as a designer, creative technologist & project manager for digital products & human-machine interfaces at Intuity Media Lab (Stuttgart). He is always looking for inspiring thoughts & ideas around humans & machines, software development, business structures, next processes & methods to solve complexity.

Mona Konietzny studied until recently in the master program Strategic Design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. In her thesis, she explored the social impact of meat from the laboratory, the so-called "cell-based meat", and is now looking for new challenges.

The event is free of charge. Snacks and beverages will be provided (w/ a recommended donation for beers).
The event is held in German.
Your hosts are Julia Kühne, Benedikt Groß, Eileen Mandir.


Please note, Speculative Futures: Stuttgart documents events with photos and video. By attending you are consenting to be photographed (images will never be sold or handed off to third parties).
Gold & Wirtschaftswunder
Christophstraße 6 · Stuttgart, BW
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