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What we’re about

This Group is a unique platform connecting professional Coaches and Clients (Coachees), empowering people in search of Growth and Transformation in their Life : Coaches who want to share their passion for Coaching and Coachees who want to transform their Life.... 

Now imagine a place where there is no judgment, total confidentiality, professionalism and fun : this is where you can reconnect to your true Self and explore what would be your transformed Self & Life, surrounded by genuine attention and professional people...

What to expect : Be Coached by professional Coaches! Coach Real Clients !

When : Every 1st Monday of the month

Who should join : Everybody who want some Change in their Life and/or a Boost in Energy !

Coachee (or 'Client') : join us for free Speed Coaching sessions - allowing you to sample what coaching is all about and how it can help you transform your Life. You just need to be curious and open !

Coacher (or 'Coaches') : join us to develop your practice, meet with potential Clients & spread coaching to the world. You need to have started a coaching training to be able to coach.

Why should you join ? Because it is FREE ;-) and organised with professional Coaches who answer the minimum standard requirements of the Coaching Industry as per the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Grow our community of like minded people, being in search of authenticity, aliveness and happiness : join us & we garantee to help recharge your batteries!

Minimum Requirement to transform your Life : commitment to yourself !... transforming your Life will happen when you are commited, and it manifests by showing up when you RSVP Yes :-)