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You love SPICY food and yearn to find others who share the same passion you have for spicy food - Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Cajun, Ethiopian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, etc. - as long as it is spicy. We are OMNIVORES, and will seek out all the spicy joints around the bay area (mostly in Oakland/Berkeley area) and enjoy our spicy meals together, FAMILY STYLE. This makes eating so much more fun because we can try so many different items and costs still stay low!

Membership ----

To keep costs manageable, this private group has a cap of 50 members. We are only keeping active members who enjoy meeting and dining together on a regular basis. Inactivity of 3 months or longer may cause removal of your membership in order to create openings for new members. For the 50-member limit, Meetup chargers $10.99/month, paid for by the organizer. A donation of $1 per person, per event, to help cover this is voluntary, but greatly appreciated!

A clear face photo of you is required to be approved to join the group.

How does this work?????

How are the bills are split? We will do family style most of the time, and the food bill is divided equally, while you pay for your own drinks. The organizer does the math at the end of the meal. Please pay in cash, because it makes it MUCH easier for everyone. Additionally, it benefits the restaurants when we pay in cash. Bring cash! Cash is required. (Did I say that enough times?)

RSVP info. IMPORTANT. When you RSVP for an event, please make sure you have 'notifications' turned on in your settings. You are responsible for updating your RSVP if you can't make it even if you are on the waitlist. In some cases, several members had to cancel in the last few days, moving up (unsuspecting) people from the waitlist. Because Meetup has an 'automatic' waitlist, if you are next on the list, you will be moved up. This is why it is imperative that you get (and read) email notifications. (Note that repeated no-shows (more than 2) will result in your removal from the group.)

Waitlist ---- Although Meetup has an automatic waitlist system, occasionally, the organizer may manually move Waitlist people to Going in order to provide new members the opportunity to participate.

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