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The ladies of the Reservation Neighborhood in Richardson have created an intimate monthly book club to escape into stories told by brilliant authors...

We will meet the first Monday of the Month for ~ 2 hours to deeply discuss our book selection over potluck style shared finger foods, snacks and drinks in a member's home...

Each month, 3 separate members will act as the monthly Discussion Leader, Host, and Book Selector.

It would be ideal to have 4-8 members at each discussion.

Monthly Discussion Leader - usually tasked with opening the discussion and using prepared questions to keep the discussion on track. They diplomatically intervene when a discussion deteriorates, being firm but respectful when necessary.

Leader Expectations:

• Read the entire book

• Gather information to help enhance the discussio

• Be prepared to offer counter opinions – even if they differ from your own

• Be prepared to begin new lines of discussion when necessary

• Do not let one person monopolize the discussion

• Be willing and prepared to take control of the conversation, firmly but respectfully

Member Expectations:

• Make your best effort to complete the book

• Come ready to both share AND listen

• Be ready to back up your opinions with the "Why"

• Self-censor

• Have a great time — if you stop enjoying it, let the group know

Monthly Host - tasked to create a comfy and private space for the book discussion. They are responsible for coordinating the snacks/drinks for the evening with other members who plan to attend.

Monthly Book Selector - tasked with choosing 2-3 books for the group to vote on for the next selection.

There are tons of book lists online to generate ideas.

In general, books with unique choices in character, plot, and style make for the heartiest discussions. Controversial topics, unclear endings, and unreliable narrators may turn some folks off, but are certain to give people something to talk about. Be resigned to the fact that sometimes the group will pick a stinker that nobody likes; just let it go and look forward to the next month!

Each member will have a chance to act as a book selector and choose the next book at the end of each meeting. Each month the book selector is required to bring two or three suggested titles and then the whole group will vote to finalize the next selection.

Other Considerations:

Consider choosing a title already be read by one member. While this may disappoint some who want to read the latest best-seller, it can reduce the likelihood of dud choices and some find re-reading quite rewarding.

Be careful with favorites. Feelings may get hurt when someone recommends their “absolute favorite book ever” and everyone hates it!

Think about once and a while choosing a longer or more complex book and giving folks two months’ notice.

Don’t forget older titles! Everyone loves picking hot best-sellers (which inevitably have over 100 holds at the library) but there are tons of great older books to try.

Mix it up: Once a year, try something new, like a poetry, play or genre book.

We may decide to have a mid-year session where we do not have a focused book discussion, but instead pitch titles and vote on their upcoming selections. Planning sessions are also a good time to revisit our club’s processes/norms and ensure that everyone is on board.

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