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The intention of this container is to be a safe space to explore the depth of your spirit and body in relationship to the awakening of consciousness happening now. With gatherings centered around discerning what Truth and Liberation actually feels like and means within. This group is for lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, rainbow beings, those who are walking in faith, love, trust and who are doing the deeper inner work to support the shift of consciousness on Earth.

Our gatherings will vary including experiences through sound, connection, exploration of various topics of growth and evolution, ceremony, embodiment, to nourish and nurture your Truth, to feed your soul.

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El O Eke Tu Vi

1955 Old Mill Rd


El O Eke Tu Vi - Awaken Your Voice

Within all of us is the memory and direct connection through SOUND to our hOMe planet/galaxy/universe and to our Soul's space in evolutionary time.

It is a language as we call it here on Earth that deeply heals our body and activates our spirit bodies to our greater existence beyond this Earthly plane.

During this in-person play shop you will open up new neural pathways in your brain and higher mental body to hear and receive the language of your home star so that you can begin to work with this language to accelerate your life in a myriad of ways.

This is a process of Getting Out Of the Way and allowing spirit to move through you.

It is a deeply healing process that opens you up to your higher nature and helps you to live boldly and confidently in the remembrance of who you are as a galactic being.

The journey of allowing your home language to move through you will assist you in so many ways some of them being...
*awakening your inner creative genuis
*building up confidence in your self and voice
*expanding your capacity to imagine and dream your life into existence
*overcome any internal fears to fully living as your highest expression, your True essence
*heal deep core wounds of spiritual abandonment from our galactic family
*provide you a vibrational tool that is unique for you to fully thrive
*eliminate fears of being judged, made fun of, misunderstood
*use your voice as a powerful tool of life creation

and truly so much more as this process is really a deep soul healing and recalibration of a higher existence within you.

At this playshop we will go through a process developed by Ahaumna to help you get into touch with your home language and to get out of your own way to let it move through you.

Once that is complete we will go through a process of using this language to heal our bodies, minds, spirits, and create a sound pillar that can be used by you any time to gain insights into your life.

We will then journey into a sound bath with healing instruments and everyone's home star languages that ends in a little movement and dance to help us to ground and embody this new version of ourselves fully open to our spiritual galactic heritage.

Please anticipate this going until 5 or 6 PM.

What to Bring
-journal to write
-voice recorder (this can be your phone)
-snacks / anything your body will need to feel fulfilled
-that outfit in your closet your soul led you to purchase yet you never "have a place" to wear it

Energetic Investment
Sliding scale donation, give what expands you...minimum donation $30

To register in advance send your donation through VENMO to @Ahaumna last 4# 8334

Max participants: 30 people so please do register in advance.

If you have questions please drop them in the discussion or send Ahaumna a TEXT to[masked]

This playshop is facilitated by Ahaumna with support during the sound journey by her partner Alex.

Ahaumna is a galactic translator who has been communicating with beings from around the multiverse since she was a child. She is currently on assignment to help rebuild the sound temples, the standing scalar wave temples that our bodies become when they re-awaken their home star language and begin to communicate transdimensionally. She has served as a coach, mentor, and guide for light workers around the world navigating their spiritual awakening for the past 10 years writing books, and selling out programs that thousands have experienced. Today she is on sabbatical from being out in the world to do this deeper inner personal work with people in person as she was guided to help the rapid acceleration that is needed for humanity now.

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