Despacho Ceremony ~ Autumn Equinox


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*** There will be no potluck at this Despacho Ceremony, but please feel free to bring snacks if you like. Herbal teas will be provided!

Despacho ceremony is an ancient tradition that originates in the high Andes mountains of Peru with the wisdomkeepers of the communities of Q’eros. A Despacho is a prayer offering created in the form of a nature mandala, and returns our attention to gratitude for the abundant blessings we receive every day of our lives. As each item is offered into the Despacho, prayers are shared, calling for the release of heavy energies, welcoming blessings and benevolent forces, and ultimately, aligning with the Intention to collectively return to living in balance and harmony with Pachamama, and with all of life. Gathering in ceremony to create a Despacho returns us to ayni, the sacred exchange of giving and receiving, which is considered the Law of Nature by the Andean elders and healers. In practicing ayni, we come to remember that we are but one small part of the living world. Once the Despacho offering has been completed, it is bundled and burned in the sacred fire, carrying our collective prayers in the four directions, inviting protection, blessings, and prosperity.

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