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Welcome to the Spirit-Path-Now MEETUP GROUP (http://www.meetup.com/Spirit-Path-Now/), an informal, interactive community forum focusing on creating direct connections between local EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD people interested in spiritually progressive growth.

This is a community-based, self-service MEETUP GROUP where YOU can post your own Eugene/Springfield/Lane County area spiritually progressive events on Meetup right now! Look for SCHEDULE A MEETUP on our SpiritPathNow Meetup page or click on this URL https://www.meetup.com/Spirit-Path-Now/events/?action=new and bookmark it for your convenience next time you want to post a new event.

SpiritPathNow pays the $188 annual Meetup Organizer fee and passes the benefit on to you. It is modeled after other open community calendar Meetup groups like the Portland Energy & Consciousness Community Calendar (http://www.meetup.com/Portland-Energy-Consciousness-Community-Calendar/) and the Salem Energy & Consciousness Community Calendar (http://www.meetup.com/Salem-Area-Energy-and-Consciousness-Community-Calendar/).


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The benefits to posting your spiritually progressive event yourself on our Spirit-Path-Now MEETUP GROUP:
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- For events in other cities you must post on separate Meetup groups like the
Portland Energy & Consciousness Community Calendar (http://www.meetup.com/Portland-Energy-Consciousness-Community-Calendar/) or the Salem Energy & Consciousness Community Calendar (http://www.meetup.com/Salem-Area-Energy-and-Consciousness-Community-Calendar/).


You can also post your events on our Facebook page for some extra visibility!

If you are a teacher, health or wellness practitioner, or if your community organization offers a place of inclusive spiritual practice and learning then the SpiritPathNow community is your ideal audience. Reach kindred spirits looking for your services by posting to our Meetup group here and/or on our SpiritPathNow Facebook page!


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Upcoming events (5+)

Reset Your Energy Fields & Heal Dis-Ease: Night of Messages in Eugene

Join 4 powerful intuitives as they offer readings and healings in our Night of Messages. Reset Your Energy Fields to Heal Dis-Ease Is Your Energy Field Clear? Do You Feel Your Own Vibration? Are you an empath? Do you easily sort what’s yours from what belongs to someone else? How well do you know and honor your own truth? What inherited patterns are in your way? How does this affect your health? You are immensely powerful. Join us to cleanse, clear, feel, create filters and reclaim your health and wholeness. Ask us questions, and we’ll share precious answers, readings and healings with you. Karine Calhoun is an Energy Healer, Heart Therapist & Hypnotist, PanaceaEnergetics.com Laureli Shimayo is an Intuitive Eye Reader & Body Psychology Coach, LaureliShimayo.com Barbara Stott is a Tarot Reader, Energy Healer & Shamanic Journeyer, BarbaraStott.com Heather Mist is an Inner Magic Coach, Akashic Records Reader & Emotional Healer, HeatherMist.com Bring photos of people you have questions about. Share your feedback about our event this evening and get entered into a drawing for a free 30 minute session with one of us of your choice. Join us on Friday February 22, 7-9:30pm at Unity of the Valley, 3912 Dillard Rd, Eugene $10-30 sliding scale [There is a small chance we'll have a surprise guest reader as well. Stay tuned.] This event is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/353005958864104/ Please visit www.MetaphysicalEmpowermentEvents.com for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo, [masked],[masked] We will also be hosting a Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair on Saturday February 23, 12-8pm at Unity. This event is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/472829936537911/

Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair, Free Panel at Noon & Talks, 45 Vendors

Join 45+ Readers, Healers and Vendors in the Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair! Free Intuitive Panel @12-1pm, then enjoy Free Talks all day along with 45+ stations - readers, healers and vendors. • Ancestral Healing and Energy Medicine with Angela Cruz • Reiki and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy with Karly Ridings of Reiki Wellness Eugene • Telepathic Animal Communication, Flower Essences (& Jewelry) with Kate Sutton, Animal Communication from the Heart • Intuitive & Channeled Tarot Guidance with Jill Amy Sager • Past Lives, Palm & Energetic Healings with Appletree Healing • Intuitive Healing with Kea Charmak of WithinOvation • Laser Reiki & Mayan Readings with Raina Sawn Mills of Rainbow Butterfly Reiki • Tarot with Dominoes Readings, Reiki & Dream Interpretation with Eclectic Mystic Dylan Cameron • Clearings & Reiki with Cynthia Orlando • Animal and Nature Communication with Wendy Earthsong • Readings, Flower & Gem Essences, Metaphysical Tools with Kasey Schweickert of Illuminating Alchemy • Tarot Reading & Channeling with Angelic Rubalcava • Quantum Touch, Access Bars, Heart Centered Therapy, Entity Clearing & Hypnosis with Karine Calhoun of Panacea Energetics • Feng Shui Products & Mini Consults with Sandra Jeffs of Finesse Feng Shui • Energetic Healing & Life Coaching with Gene Tresenfeld of Life Enhancement • Tesla's Violet Ray & Zeolites for Detox & Healing with Donna Dove • Intuitive Healing Coloring Designs & Readings by Alegría • Transformational Intuitive Sessions with Robert Zakian • Health Intuitive Readings & Mediumship with Francesca Fleming of Be Joy! • Intuitive Eye Readings with Laureli Shimayo of ThriveWise & ThriveTypes • Inner Magic Coaching with Heather Mist Smith • Intuitive Readings & Jewelry with Kirstin Enjoy these talks: Area A 1:30-2:30pm: Open Yourself to the Journey: The Pilgrimage to Self-Love & Authenticity with Barbara Stott 2:45-3:45pm: Healing for the Brain & Gut with Digestive Enzyme Therapies & CBD with Lada Korol 4-4:30pm: Cultivating Inner Gems: An Interactive Workshop with Sojourn Gray 4:45-5:15pm: Mental Health in a New Age Community with Brianna Anderson 5:30-6pm: The Power of Clearing: Awaken Your Soul Path with Patti Leahy & Joe Casey Area B 1:30-2:30pm: Karma & The Moon with Cara James 2:45-3:15pm: Everyone's a Channel: Connecting with Your Own Wisdom, Guidance & Creativity with Dr. Xavier Lu 3:30-4pm: Wellness for the World! with Tresa Beaver 4:15-4:45: Getting Free from Things that Keep People Stuck with Sarai Johnson 5-6pm: Manifesting Health, Strength, and Well-being through Mindful Feng Shui with Sandra Jeffs FREE ADMISSION TO THE PUBLIC * SNACKS PROVIDED Sessions for a fee. Join us on Saturday February 23, 12-8pm at Unity of the Valley, 3912 Dillard Rd, Eugene On Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/472829936537911/ Sign up to share your work by filling out the form at www.MetaphysicalEmpowermentEvents.com/for-vendors. Please visit www.MetaphysicalEmpowermentEvents.com for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo, [masked],[masked] We will also be hosting a Night of Messages event on Friday, Feb 22 at the same location from 7pm to 9:30pm on Resetting Your Energy Fields and Healing Dis-Ease. https://www.facebook.com/events/353005958864104/

Night of Insight: What Would Love Do?

Location visible to members

Do you choose to live through love instead of fear and yet find away isn’t always clear? Join me Barb Ryan, the Guidess of Happiness. Playing the Tibetan singing bowl is the tool I use to bring forth Spirit of Love. Receive wisdom and insights regarding your questions and concerns. Spirit’s responses are both highly personal and beneficial to all. Cost is $40. Send via PayPal to [masked]. Your payment is nonrefundable. However if you can’t attend, it can be used for future night of insight which will be offered the fourth Thursday of every month. For more information email Barb at [masked] or call/text[masked]

Shamanic Journey Circle: Hearth of the Dancing Drum

Our shamanic journey circle is open to all. If you have never learned to journey, please call Karuna in advance and she will arrange to teach you. There is a one time fee of $10 for this introductory mini-training. You can view the schedule and who is facilitating here: https://www.alidabirch.com/drumming-circles Hearth of the Dancing Drum has been hosting 2 shamanic circles (a journey circle and a healing circle) a month for over 25 years! If you have a drum or rattle, blanket, pad to sit on, notebook and eye covering, please bring them. If not, that's OK too. We usually have two journeys chosen by the facilitator with the help of her Spirits. There is time for optional sharing. We meet at the sacred yurt on 2826 Floral Hill Dr, the circle starts at 7:30pm and ends at 9:30pm. Please call Karuna for directions[masked] beforehand so you can hear about the best way to park. A $5 reciprocity is requested.

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