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Welcome to Spirit of Sage Reiki and Wellness

Join us to experience the magnificence that is Reiki and the quest to finding our True Nature!

In addition to being an ancient healing practice, Reiki is a spiritual practice that will transform your life! This meet up group will bring together Reiki practitioners and like-minded individuals to discover, learn, practice and experience spiritual growth together!

We offer Reiki classes, workshops and sessions. We will also cover other topics that attribute to our health and well-being such as essential oils, aromatherapy, meditation and other methods of holistic health. Look for those workshops coming soon!

What is Reiki?


The word Reiki is a Japanese word that translates to “universal", or "spiritual life-force energy”. There are also other names for this energy such as “qi” or “chi” used in China, and in India it is called “prana”. Reiki is a technique that allows us to awaken our connection to this life-force energy, providing stress reduction, relaxation and peace, and promoting wellness. It is simple, safe and gentle.

The healing touch of Reiki can be beneficial for those suffering from stress, pain, cancer/chemotherapy, depression, alcohol and drug recovery, chronic illness, those who are transitioning at end of life and so much more.

Together we are like-minded individuals sharing Reiki and other methods that enhance our spirituality and well-being.

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Reiki Share Group

Spirit of Sage Reiki and Wellness

All are welcome!

Reiki Shares are an opportunity for us to come together in community and offer healing and support for one another. Every one who attends receives Reiki and everyone is also encouraged to participate in giving Reiki. Even if you are not a Practitioner. The translation of Reiki is "spiritual energy", which resides within all of us, therefore we all have the ability share this energy. The system of Reiki teaches us how to awaken and connect and utilize this energy in our daily lives for the benefit of our spiritual development and well-being. This is also a perfect opportunity for Reiki Practitioners to practice what they have learned in training and feel and see its benefits first hand.

I have made new life long friends within this community and am so grateful that each of you share your time with me. You are all an instrumental part of my own journey!

Come and enjoy the benefits of Reiki! We will gather to share in healing and spiritual growth together through the giving and receiving of Reiki.

If you are new to Reiki, this is a great way for you to experience it first hand!

Reiki Practitioners, this is a great way to practice your Reiki skills!

If your heart leads you, donations are appreciated.

Gate is opened at 6:30pm

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Reiki Share Group

Spirit of Sage Reiki and Wellness

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