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Resetting your Spiritual Agreements - with Theresa

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$25. In this class we will reset all the spiritual agreements you may may be operating under through the Highest Light, the Universal Source. This will have the effect of clearing any contracts that are not Divinely balanced or appointed. We will also be resetting all Soul Decisions, all your Personal Compacts, all Gifts you have received, and all Visitors to you.

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Each soul makes countless decisions about how to guide itself in each life, and these decisions may or may not be in alignment with the Highest Light. Personal compacts are agreements or operating “code” you may have made with yourself at any time to help you survive, but may actually be inhibiting you or harming you. Gifts and visitors, whether they be physical or spiritual, can come with hidden price tags or motivations you would not consciously accept. This process will free you from unwanted contracts and obligations, burdens you may not realize you are carrying. Each person will also be given a compact to free them from future agreements that are not Divinely appointed.

An MP3 recording of the process will also be given to you so you have the power to reset all your agreements at any time.

Class will include:

• Written exercises

• Guided meditation to teach you how to reset your agreements

10-11:30am, Saturday, October 8th, $25.

Benefits of Advance Registration

If you register and pay for a class early, your soul is given access to upper dimensions where I work ahead of time. This allows the Highest Light, the Universal Source, to start giving you the benefits of the class before the class begins.

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Call Theresa FFI 612 270 3312.


"It was an awesome meeting! I can't wait to meetup again! Just one of the best evenings!"

--Dana T, Shoreview MN

"My life, I think, has been changed forever. Perhaps the darkness that others found, behind the door, was my past. I have Angels. Thank You."

~ Pattie H., MN


Theresa Nygard facilitates spiritual workshops specializing in personal growth, healing and transformation. She is the co-founder of Spirit Unlimited Meetup Group. She can be reached at 612-270-3312 or


218 44th Ave NE · Columbia Heights, MN