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The Science of Completion Class
“If you carry the space of Completion, it is actually exponentially appreciating asset. You will be the source of Completion for thousands of people. You will just be enchanting.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda The truth is we were all born perfect, whole and complete (Purnatva in Sanskrit) at birth. However, through time conditioning, life circumstances and situations we start to become fragmented and operate and create from karmic default patterns or samskaras. These patterns keep up stuck in a vicious cycle of suffering and restriction not allowing us to live and create the life we want. We don’t manifest what we desire we manifest what we BELIEVE. No matter how hard you think consciously you want to manifest something great and you are failing—it is because deep down you are carrying unconscious beliefs about yourself and the world. The Science of Completion (Purnatva) was delivered by Mahadeva, the Adiguru (first guru) of Hinduism. He delivered this technique to Devi thousands of years ago and was recorded as the 22 sutra (verse) of the Shiva Sutras. Today, the completion technique is truly a timeless and transformative gift for all to experience their original state and experience bliss. This is a very powerful technique to rid you of your limiting cognitions that are not allowing you to manifest the life you desire. Orientation and discussion on this topic will occur and individual sessions can also be scheduled. Come and experience the most liberating technique to get you out of old karmic ways of living. Learn how to create the life you love!

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