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Founded in 2007 by Monica Mueller, Spirited Women Adventures was created as a result of Monica’s lifelong passion for outdoor recreation and her keen focus on wellness and a never ending desire to live every day like a free spirit. Monica is a strong example of a woman who has the courage to create her own destiny. Through this group she wants to help other women achieve their dreams and live authentic, healthy lives. Along with her background in sales and business, Monica is well traveled, and her decade in Western Canada deeply influenced her love of the outdoors and thirst for adventure! Her infectious enthusiasm and zest for life is fueled by inspiring women to fulfill their own dreams and healthy living goals through outdoor adventure, travel and wellness education.

At Spirited Women adventures we believe that men are an ‘optional extra’! We love them dearly – they are our fathers, brothers, friends and lovers after all – but we sometimes need the camaraderie and support that only being with other women can provide! Women heal other women. Women inspire other women! We aim to re-ignite a women’s adventurous spirit through providing gentle outdoor adventure (no extreme sports), step by step challenges, social activities, inspirational wellness education, unique travel opportunities and more… all within a safe and supportive all female environment.

At Spirited Women Adventures, we want women to understand that our trips are unique, participatory adventures and not passive tours. We encourage members to be relatively self-sufficient, and willing to share and contribute to the group experience. Some excursions may require you to provide a meal or two, and to lend a hand to organize some activities – all in the spirit of participation and fun! At Spirited Women Adventures we accept that as grown “mature woman” we are able to handle situations that are not always perfect. Group travel requires that each of us be understanding, and sensitive to others who are sharing in our adventure.

If you are looking to have “real-world” fun in a safe and woman-only supportive environment, explore new activities and places, desire to make your health and wellness a priority and enjoy making new friendships, then take the next step and become part of our sisterhood.


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