What we're about

This meetup group focuses on the study of Spiritual Astrology for life guidance. This is the first time that this great Divine Science is taught in this manner, making learning relevant and highly accessible to everyone.

The meetup is especially appropriate for truth seekers and spiritual aspirants, as it taps into our inner wisdom and intuition, which are applied and enhanced within the framework of Spiritual Astrology.

Key features of our meetup:

• Expected duration for a session is about 2 or 3 hours, including discourse, discussion and chart reading practice;

• Regular meetup sessions covering different topics;

• Active participation by members to learn this Science, and commitment to build up the knowledge progressively;

• Practice casting birthcharts and discuss chart readings in the group setting of the meetup.

Our goals are to:

• Learn and use Spiritual Astrology wisely in our lives;

• Develop a keen understanding of the Universal Truths within the context of Spiritual Astrology;

• Develop our resources and talents, while meeting our life challenges based on the insights of Spiritual Astrology;

• Develop our intuition, wisdom, compassion and higher consciousness;

• Build up the community of Divine Astrologers for mutual support.

What others say:

"Thank you, Raymond, for a very interesting session. Your chart reading was amazing! You have revealed accurate information about myself and my family despite my uncertain birth data. I can see that Spiritual Astrology can help me understand myself and others better. I also understood what you said, that Spiritual Astrology​ is beyond fortune telling; it ​is about understanding life at a deeper level, and it can be used for life guidance to help us reach a higher and better Destiny. I am grateful for all the insights that you've given me."

"Blessings to you for your time and valuable sharing. At a career crossroad, Raymond's reading affirmed my natural and spiritual inclination to work in the health care industry. Based on my date and time of birth, Raymond gave an amazingly accurate reading of my character, varied and esoteric interests and career. Raymond is an astrologer extraordinaire!​"

"Raymond gave me a brief chart reading during the session; it was very accurate and I was impressed. He come across as a genuine, patient person who is passionate about teaching and sharing the knowledge of Spiritual Astrology. There is a great difference with other Astrologers in terms of accuracy etc. You will feel it when you meet him. If you wish to know how Spiritual Astrology can be a form of personal development, he is the go-to person. As Aristotle says: Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

"An insightful experience with guidance from Raymond to uncover the destiny that has been mapped out for us in this lifetime. I gained much knowledge of the purpose of my life just from the first session. Highly recommended for those seeking spiritual guidance."

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