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Spiritual Healing is not the gift of the few - it is something all of us can learn and develop. It is the birthright of every man, woman and child. It is the most natural of the healing arts , as well as being one of the most effective. Based on the principles of natural universal energy -- also known as ch'i, ki or prana flowing through the chakras, the King Technique of contact healing is a simple, easy-to-learn spiritual practice for developing psychic and intuitive abilities and more importantly, helping others. This highly enjoyable interactive workshop also includes a technique of absent healing and advice on how to enhance your innate Spiritual Healing powers. To give effective healing you need a balanced belief in your ability to do so and a genuine desire to help others. Given that essential foundation, all you need is the right technique.

The Aetherius Society

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This group is a positive, safe place, where you can share, explore, have fun, learn and grow personally and spiritually. We are all at different stages on our spiritual path, with some just beginning their journey and others are more aware and knowledgeable. Right now is an interesting time, as there is a "spiritual awakening" occurring and more people are opening up to and becoming interested in spiritual matters. Join our meetup and:

* Become more aware and knowledgeable about your spiritual side
* Learn to listen to, trust and follow your intuition
* Understand and Develop your psychic abilities
* Meet, connect and network with other like-minded people
* Talk about spiritual topics in a safe, welcoming environment
* Receive channeled messages and guidance from spirits and angels
* Learn about angels, archangels, spirit guides and more
* Grow personally and spiritually

Whatever your background or interest, I am sure that you will find the group enjoyable and inspirational.

There are many topics that we could discuss and explore in this group which may include meditation, intuition, being present and aware, receiving "signs" or messages from spirit or the Universe, connecting with your spirit guides, angels, archangels, spirit communication, psychic abilities, channeling, spiritual awakening, oracle cards, visualization, energy healing, raising your energy vibration, auras etc. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you may have. I will also be having some meetup's where I channel spirit, so they can discuss a topic that they want to share or teach and you can ask them questions. The possibilities are endless. I look forward to hearing from and meeting you.

May you always be true to yourself and follow your intuition!

Namaste - I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, WE ARE ONE.


Find out how to access recordings of past spiritual seminars by clicking on this link: SPIRITUAL AWAKENING WISDOM


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