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THE KINDNESS PROJECT - Daily Acts of Kindness
THE KINDNESS PROJECT (Please note that this is currently not an actual physical event that is happening, although I do plan to hold an event and possibly regular events like this in the future. This is you setting an intention to be kind and do random acts of kindness in your own day to day life.) Acts of kindness are powerful, as they help you to feel good, others feel good and help the world to be a better place! Kindness also helps raise the energy vibration of our world and promote positive change, which will help more people feel more loving and grateful. This can help to raise the energy vibration of the the people involved and eventually the planet as every act of kindness can be a catalyst in facilitating a 'Global Shift' to a kinder and more peaceful humanity! GREGG BRADEN QUOTE “...for centuries, prophets and sages have suggested that one tenth of one percent of humanity, working together in a unified effort, may shift the consciousness of the entire world" - Gregg Braden - scientist, visionary and scholar DAILY ACTS OF KINDNESS I invite you to set the intention and DO A CONSCIOUS ACT OF KINDNESS more often or even everyday, especially for the month of December and when possible ASK THE PERSON TO PAY IT FORWARD and do an act of kindness for someone else. You can do acts of kindness to nature and animals too. Remember, this can also include being kind to yourself when needed as well. When our tank is full, we can give more to others. ♥ Please indicate below if you want to do this, what you think about it or ideas for acts of kindness. If you feel inspired to do so, please share with others, so that together we can create a ripple effect of love, joy, gratitude, positive energy and change. ACTS OF KINDNESS IDEAS There are many, many ways you can show kindness to others. Let's create a list of ideas so we can learn from each other ways we can be kind that we did not think of! I will start a numbered list and please add the next number when you add your idea. 1. Smile at a stranger 2. Give someone a sincere compliment 3. Pay for the next person in line (Tim Hortons/coffee shop, bus, dollar store, gas station, grocery store etc) 4. Hold a door open 5. Give an unexpected thank you card or gift 6. Give someone flowers, perhaps even a stranger 7. Communicate and show your appreciation 8. Give someone your seat (On the bus, at an event etc) 9. Let someone go in front of you (in line, when driving, going through a door etc) 10. Buy or give a homeless person some food or clothing 11. Picking up garbage, especially if you are in nature CLICK THIS GREAT LINK FOR LOTS OF OTHER IDEAS FOR ACTS OF KINDNESS! THEY ARE CATEGORIZED BY CATEGORY, AMOUNT OF TIME AND AMOUNT OF MONEY NEEDED! Let's spread light and love, Dortmund The Spiritual Awakening Mentor *** PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL EVENT ***

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This group is a positive, safe place, where you can share, explore, have fun, learn and grow personally and spiritually. We are all at different stages on our spiritual path, with some just beginning their journey and others are more aware and knowledgeable. Right now is an interesting time, as there is a "spiritual awakening" occurring and more people are opening up to and becoming interested in spiritual matters. Join our meetup and:

* Become more aware and knowledgeable about your spiritual side
* Learn to listen to, trust and follow your intuition
* Understand and Develop your psychic abilities
* Meet, connect and network with other like-minded people
* Talk about spiritual topics in a safe, welcoming environment
* Receive channeled messages and guidance from spirits and angels
* Learn about angels, archangels, spirit guides and more
* Grow personally and spiritually

Whatever your background or interest, I am sure that you will find the group enjoyable and inspirational.

There are many topics that we could discuss and explore in this group which may include meditation, intuition, being present and aware, receiving "signs" or messages from spirit or the Universe, connecting with your spirit guides, angels, archangels, spirit communication, psychic abilities, channeling, spiritual awakening, oracle cards, visualization, energy healing, raising your energy vibration, auras etc. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you may have. I will also be having some meetup's where I channel spirit, so they can discuss a topic that they want to share or teach and you can ask them questions. The possibilities are endless. I look forward to hearing from and meeting you.

May you always be true to yourself and follow your intuition!

Namaste - I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, WE ARE ONE.


Find out how to access recordings of past spiritual seminars by clicking on this link: SPIRITUAL AWAKENING WISDOM


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