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The Ascension of Humanity

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The purpose of every Meetup is to help guide, teach and inspire you to become more spiritually aware and personally empowered to make positive changes in your life. This will help you to awaken to your true self, unique gifts and life purpose. Then, together we can transform the world into a more positive, conscious and loving place.

For this seminar, The Council of Light, who are a group of high level spiritual beings that wish to speak about THE ASCENSION OF HUMANITY.

The Council of Light will:

Discuss events and energy shifts of the next 6 - 12 months Indicate how to prepare yourself for and benefit from these events and energy surges Specific activities that you can do to fully activate and integrate the information and energy Learn how to adapt and raise your energy frequency to be in harmony with the higher energy vibration of your consciousness and the planet Talk about the benefit of connecting and uniting with other like-minded people to activate the power of your collective minds Discuss how to be more receptive to information and guidance from spirit and the universe Discuss the importance of the application of information and knowledge They will also perform an activation to assist with your transition and ascension! I hope you can attend to benefit from the information, energy and conversation with others!


It is important to connect with other like-minded, spiritual people, so I always encourage meeting, socializing and networking with each other and making new friends. There will be opportunities to meet and interact with each other, so be sure to bring business cards or pen and paper to connect with others.

The seminar will be from 7 - 9 pm and from 9 - 10 pm there will be time for socializing, networking, meeting and mingling. Please be on time for the seminar, as it is disruptive when people arrive late.

Thanks and remember that now is a very important time for you to be true to yourself!