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Greetings brothers and sisters,

Life on the spiritual path can be tumultuous at times. As Dr. David Hawkins says, if one chooses to be Loving then that automatically brings up its opposite. That can also be rephrased in that if one chooses Peace then that may bring up chaos. Very often what the ego/mind sees as a "loss" is actually a "gain" to the Spirit. As David Hawkins states "Acute catastrophes are the times when we make great leaps, when we face them directly and fixedly say,'I will not veer from this spritual work'........The teeth of spiritual work occur when we are confronted with that which we cannot avoid. It is direct confrontation that requires a leap in consciousness." (Healing and Recovery pg.250)

In this chapter, David also talks about a technique in dealing with the emotions on the "level of consciousness". There it is much easier to handle whatever the crises may be. By diving head-first into the emotion itself, one can see the inherent lesson within it. Sometimes the emotion just comes up to be released. So instead of feeling bad when a negative emotion comes up, be happy that it is coming up because now you have the tools to release and be free from that emotion. Whenever I catch my mind feeling guilty about something, i tell myself "What a great oppurtunity to let more of that go!".

Some Doc quotes from Healing and Recovery (Ch. Handling Major Crises):

"The essential aspect of the spiritual benefit comes from running directly into the experience. There is a saying in Zen to 'Walk straight ahead, no matter what,' so when this catastrophe experience comes, it is beneficial to center oneself right into the core of it, say 'yes' to it and experience it through." (pg.255)

"The essence of a catastrophic situation is total surrender to the discovery of that which is greater than the personal self. The experiencing through completely of a catastrophe brings us into a connection and a realization that there is something within ourself that has the power to sustain, no matter how catastrophic the experience appears to be."(pg.255-256).

May we be blessed with Peace, Love, and Truth as we spend this evening together in holy company. We usually go out to dinner afterward so bring your spiritual and physical hunger. There is a 10$ suggested donation to cover space rental and meetup fees. Gloria in excelsus Deo!