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Explore the spiritual and psychological effects on our souls to be an older woman in today’s culture.

This December the pilot Coming of Age Group completed its 7 meeting cycle. We explored stereotypes and how we are affected by them, our sense of value and where it comes from, the current political culture and its affects on us as well as our personal experiences of grief and loss. We ended the series with a Rite of Passage ceremony.

Among many things I have learned during this pilot program, one of the most important is how personally enriching it has been to do inner exploration in the company of women in my age group. For the most part, the issues and experiences we addressed reflected the issues and concerns experienced by everyone in the group.

The 2017 Coming of Age Group will be structured so that participants can delve into topics related specifically to aging as well as other issues that are are important to each individual via a combination of spiritual and psychological inquiry.

Grief and loss, physical challenges, devaluing cultural beliefs, changes in self-image, feeling without purpose and approaching death are some of the difficult issues that we face as aging women. Addressing these issues in a supportive environment can help us to re-engage with our deepest nature, discover our purpose, uncover our vitality and express the beauty and the wisdom of our unfolding souls.

I have found that groups like this one are best developed through word-of-mouth referrals from and to the people we know and love. Would you please pass this email onto the women in your life who might benefit from participating in the group. Thank you!



Group Sharing and Feedback
Body-centered inquiry
Interpersonal Exercises
Creative expression (no artistic talent necessary)

The Coming of Age Group will meet 10times for 2 1/4 hours every other Wednesday evening.

Dates: February 15, 2017 through June 21, 2017
Time: 7:15 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: Berkeley
Cost: $45 – $65 sliding scale per person per meeting
Facilitator: Barbara Reiner
Website: http://www.embodyingspirit.org
To Register: Call or email Barbara Reiner at 510-506-3902

For more detailed information about the Coming of Age Group, visit: https://www.embodyingspirit.org/groups/coming-of-age-group

For information about Barbara and her work, visit:

10 Meetings, February 15, 2017 through June 21, 2017

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