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How many times have you had difficulty making a decision because one part of you wanted one thing, but another part of you wanted something else?

“A part of me wants to…another part doesn’t.”

Conflicting inner 'parts' of ourselves are one of the main obstacles to inner peace and personal power:
• Parts of us who want to do new things are blocked by parts who are afraid to take risks.
• Parts of us who want to get things done are stumped by parts who procrastinate.
• Parts of us who want to be healthier are undermined by parts who have other priorities!

Creative, Practical, Spiritual Self Transformation Chicago focuses on helping people overcome inner conflict by working with their inner parts.

Some of the wildly effective methods we use are:
• Guided Meditation
• Journaling
• Inner Parts Work Demonstrations
• Internal Family Systems (IFS)
• Voice Dialogue
• Inquiry Process
• Authentic Movement
• Art • Dreams • Finger Puppets

Creative, Practical, Spiritual Self-Transformation Chicago helps you clarify the difference between parts of yourself, and your true self—so you can access more of your inner power and presence, and spend less time fighting the parts that block you from it.

This group is a good match for:
• Anyone who likes to do inner work in creative ways
• Artists, improvisers, actors, filmmakers, musicians, writers, poets and other creative folks who want more effective techniques for enhancing clarity, confidence and creativity
• Spiritual people who want to try hands-on techniques for exploring their consciousness
• IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Voice Dialogue practitioners and therapists
• Life Coaches looking for powerful new approaches
• Parents who want easy, effective new parenting tools
• Acupuncturists, massage therapists, hair stylists and people who spend a lot of time absorbing other people’s energy, who need straightforward methods of self-care that can also be used with clients
• Web designers, engineers, planners and other people who think in terms of systems, who enjoy clear, direct techniques for self-transformation

Who is this group NOT a good match for? If you are simply looking to meet new people, socialize, and hang out, this is NOT a good group for you—every CPSSC Meetup involves practicing new techniques for self-transformation in a centered, safe, supportive environment.

This is a place for grounded yet visionary people who are serious about becoming more mindful, self-aware and personally powerful. We make personal growth fun, but not at the expense of being effective. We're creative, but focused. We're spiritual to the core, but non-denominational and open to seekers of all types. We're here to learn, practice and share the best techniques for self-transformation so we can create a better world together.

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