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This meet up is for people who would like to get together with like minded friends to share our thoughts and experiences on Spirituality and the truth that lives within each of us in a coffee house discussion format .

A few seed topics will be presented to initiated our lightly facilitated time . It will be an open forum so feel free to share what is up and emerging in your spiritual journey .

We will embrace a variety of Spiritual disciplines including but not limited to Eckart Tolle , Marianne Williamson , ( A course in Miracles ) The Emissaries, Micheal Singer , Byron Katie, Greg Braiden .

It would really be appreciated if attendee’s patronized the SippChai cafe’ buy purchasing something of your choice , coffee ,tea etc. We are using the space for free and I am very grateful to Jas for allowing us to use his cafe .

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Climate Change : Our Spiritual Perspective

SippChai Cafe 2.0

Let us gather to share our perspectives ,feelings and perceptions on our changing climate . By many climate change is viewed as a coming event of monstrous and apocalyptic proportion . Others view it with ambivalence and some with denial . There is a global tsunami of feeling and attitude building about this issue . In fact it seems to be the predominate issue of this era. What approach, enfoldment and presence do we bring to this seemingly inexorable event . I am very interested in hearing other peoples thoughts and feelings about this . This coffee house will be at SippChai Cafe 2.0 in Abbotsford .

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Our Spiritual Heredity

Edenvale Retreat Center

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