Second Saturday morning of the month for Spiritual Chat

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Every 2nd Saturday of the month until September 13, 2019

Price: £7.00
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First I will not be leading the group but overseeing it. There is a difference I believe! The intention is that members bring questions and what they want to share. Spiritual Chat always flows. The group will be supportive to members as we journey along our spiritual path. Being human is not always easy and this can be somewhere for members to each month share their experiences. We know this benefits us because hearing someone's story helps us with ours. Some members know about planet activity which affects what is going on for us.

What shall we discuss today: Suggestion: The Native American Code of Ethics. I have an interesting handout on this. In life, you get what you focus on. If you focus on differences, you will see the conflict between cultures. If you focus on commonalities, you will see similarities and how we are all connected. Judaism is about 5,000 years old, Buddhism is about 2,500 years old, Christianity is about 2,000 years old, and Islam is about 1,500 years old. Meanwhile, the Native American Code of Ethics goes back 11,000 years. Fortunately, if you go deep into each of these belief systems, you will find them very similar.

For those of you who have not attended the other group, I have a book of handouts which you will be welcome to help yourself to one of your choosing.

Herbal, builders tea, coffee, fruit, cheese and biscuits, cake, biscuits, will be available. Anne :-)