Second Saturday morning of the month for Spiritual Chat


PICTURE: Be on the top of the mountain and shout for joy!

I am looking for our Spiritual Chat group to be "Fountains of Knowledge".
A place where we can share, exchange and support each other. Members can bring questions and suggestions for topics to discuss. Spiritual Chat always flows. The group will be supportive to members as we journey along our spiritual path. Being human is not always easy and this can be somewhere for members each month to share their experiences. We know this benefits us because hearing someone's story helps us with ours. If you have ideas of what you want to discuss this is very welcome.

We can carry on with our discussion on Positive Quotes 42 - 56 A positive attitude changes everything! But please bring any thoughts with you to share.

Those of you who have not attended the other group, I have a book of handouts which you will be welcome to help yourself to one of your choosing. I have many Angel Oracle cards for your personal view.

Herbal, builders tea, coffee, fruit, cheese and biscuits, cake, biscuits, will be available. Anne :-)

I am happy I can open my home for members to come and exchange their thoughts and receive any support they need. Thank you in advance for your participation. Anne :)