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Richmond’s spiritual development group that explores metaphysical and spiritual topics through active participation and engagement with the goal of facilitating contemplation, personal growth, and self-understanding.

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Halloween Party and Paranormal Investigation for Evergreen and Woodland

5416 Mechanicsville Turnpike

Join us as we participate in another paranormal investigation hosted by The Cabin on 360 and C.R.O.P. - Commonwealth Researchers of the Paranormal! Cost is $25 Remember to RSVP by going to the event's page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2332780286975200/ Every year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day members of CROP and volunteers go out to Evergreen and Wood Land Cemeteries to place Flags next to the graves of veterans buried out there. It's a worthy cause and we are honored to be able to go out there every year and give these men and women the respect they deserve. However flags cost money and as more and more graves are being rediscovered we need as much as help as we can get to pay for these flags. So we are going to have ourselves a Halloween Paranormal Investigation at the Cabin on October 19th. We will have a costume contest and whoever wins will get their money back from the investigation. The fun starts at 7:00 pm and goes to 1 am...and the cost is only $25. So you get to investigate 2 haunted houses and a Civil War Battlefield for $25 that is pretty awesome and you are honoring the men and women who dedicated at least part of their lives to make sure you keep the freedoms you love.

The Circle: A Spiritual & Metaphysical Support Group

Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center

This month we'll be sharing our paranormal experiences, so bring your ghost stories and mystical experiences, and let's share! Join us for engaging conversations on all things metaphysical! The Circle is a spiritual and metaphysical support group that offers the unique opportunity to share your mystical and metaphysical experiences and questions, and to gain insights from the experiences of others. Sometimes we think we are all alone on our journey without realizing there are others who can understand our unique experiences and perspectives. Meeting like minded people is not only comforting, but also reassuring that we are not alone and there are others from whom we can learn and who can learn from us. Topics for discussion can include (but are not limited to): paranormal experiences, psychic and intuitive development, near death experiences, angels and other non-physical entities, past life memories and reincarnation, mindfulness, meditation, consciousness, dreams and dream interpretation, consciousness, and so much more. So, bring your questions and experiences and let's share and grow together!

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Paranormal Investigation for Tramps Resuce

5416 Mechanicsville Turnpike

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