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This group meets once a month. We look at different topics each month that help with spiritual development. We aim to cover a wide spectrum of subjects in order to open the mind to new ideas. This group has been running since October 2014. We like to keep this group to a maximum of 15 at any one session in order that everyone gets the opportunity to contribute in some way. If you are looking to develop your spiritual journey this group is for you.

Upcoming events (4+)

Mediumship Circle - New - 7th Dimensional Higher Beings and above

A few spaces have opened up for experienced mediums who wish to work with others in the higher dimensions.

Mediumship can take many forms. This circle is aimed at developing your connection to higher beings who are here to help us on the earth at this time. Those in the 7th Dimensions and above are all working for the light. These will be the beings we will be drawing to us and working with.

These beings will often bring messages of encouragement, nourishment and enlightenment, each time helping you to develop further and those around.

I will be guiding and supporting you to channel messages and open up your connections to these beautiful beings of light.

This will be for a maximum of 10 people. I looking to make this regular - once a month.

To book your place: BUY NOW below

Place: 12 Greenhayes, Broadstone, BH18 8NA
Time: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Price: £10.00

Mediation and Healing Messages

Online event

This group is well established with wonderful friendly people coming together to enjoy meditation once a fortnight together.

We share stories - some are emotional - some of success and others motivational.

Sarah reads a message, usually channelled from a higher being once everyone has settled in.

Sarah then leads a channelled mediation, unique only to the group that is there based on what they need on the day. Sarah works with spirit guides, angels and higher beings to bring in positive energies to encourage change, whether big or small in the lives of those who come along

There are angel cards available to add to your experience and help you to focus in on a particular aspect of life.

Sarah brings a message or two through to each person who comes along from spirit whilst in the mediation.

At the end everyone shares anything of significance.

Places are limited to 14

Place: Zoom
Price: £10

Time: 10am to 11.30am

To book your place email [masked] or simply accept on here and a link will be sent to you.

Testimonial from long standing member of this Group

Sarah, in the last 2 years since I started coming along to your fortnightly Meditation Group I have gained so much from these sessions - your channeled message from the Angel we are working with and your individual personal message for each of us each time are just so lovely.

Through the love, support and guidance you give in these sessions my life has gradually become abundantly bright with positivity, learning to love myself and being happy in the now. I have now found peace, joy, happiness and love from within - and for this I am so grateful to you Sarah, so thank you, thank you, thank you xx

Mediumship for Beginners

Online event

Mediumship for Beginners Group

For those wishing to learn more about mediumship. We will be experimenting with:

Audio - Clairaudience
Visual - Clairvoyance
Knowing - Claircognezance
Feel - Clairsentience

Through different methods the aim is to find your strength in mediumship allowing you work more closely with those in the spirit world.

For the time being this will be on Zoom - also 4 places face to face
Time 7pm to 9pm
price £10

Please make a payment below and a zoom code and information for the evening will be sent to you.

Payment can be made at https://www.sarahehaywood.co.uk/monthly-meditation
With love Sarah x

Meditation Group - Manifestation

Online event

Meditation – Manifestation for 2021

The Law of Attraction allows you to manifest into your life whatever you choose. Sometimes this can take patience and understanding of what you are projecting before it will come into fruition. This group is to help bring together like minded individuals who would like to manifest new things and change into their life in 2021 with the support of others.

There will be the opportunity to discuss what has been happening and to be accountable for actions that come into your awareness to take.

Are you looking to invite positive change into your life in 2021?
Do you have a project you wish to manifest?
Is there something personal you would like to draw into your life in 2021?
Do you find manifesting difficult to do alone?
Would you like to be part of a supportive like minded group to help manifest your dreams for 2021?

If yes to the above, then this will be the perfect group for you.

We will meet once a fortnight on a Thursday evening beginning on 14th January 2021 at 7pm to 9pm

We will be working with different light beings to help with guidance each time.

To book your place:

Place: Zoom
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Price: £10.00 - see below

Please make your payment at www.sarahehaywood.co.uk - section Meditation and a Zoom link together with information for the specific evening will be sent to you.

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Mediation and Healing Messages

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