What we're about

We are a group of individuals who were seeking a spiritual community where we could openly discuss emotional healing, love and the unseen part of life. We aim to educate and converse with others on a spiritual journey of their own and to provide a safe place to ask questions.

We hope to bring peace and raise the frequency of those within our community. If you are on a journey of self-awareness or discovery of your personal spiritual life we would love for you to join us for discussions, classes, speakers, special events and a community new to the Council Bluffs area.

Upcoming events (3)

History of Halloween

Mall of the Bluffs

Come join us for a discussion on the history of Halloween.

Chakra Clearing & Balance

Mall of the Bluffs

Discuss the options for clearing negative energy from your chakras and restore balance. There are a lot of different methods, discover which is best for you.

The Energy of Gratitude

Mall of the Bluffs

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we found it an appropriate time to discuss how to elevate your energy with gratitude. Join us for an engaging discussion.

Past events (4)

Discovering Your Clairs

Mall of the Bluffs

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