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Welcome to The Open Mind Center/Spiritual Enrichment and thank you for joining! This group is for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of spirituality and awakening their inner self. Whether you are just starting your journey inwards, or have spent many years on the path, there is something for everyone to learn! This group is also for those interested in connecting the mind, body, and spirit. I am here for all of you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Carolyn Monden: Readings, Spiritual Coach (By Appointment)

The Open Mind Center

Carolyn is a spiritual medium and channeler, intuitive energy healer, and spiritual coach. She’s specializes in removing blocks and is passionate about teaching others to access the answers for themselves. Carolyn practices being present in the moment and following her soul’s guidance. She believes that awareness is the answer and it is her purpose to teach, interpret, and be of help to others as a channel for spirit. Offered: Mondays and Fridays 11:00-5:00pm Investment: $100 for 60 min, $80 for 45 min, $60 for 30 min

Dena Totaro: Reiki, Cord Cutting, Crystal Healing, Soul Coaching(By Appointment)

Dena is an intuitive healer who has an abundant passion for mind, body and spirit connections and loves to be a catalyst for others and their transformations. Her devotion to helping others stems from healing her own body nearly 8 years ago. By using food as medicine and incorporating yoga, breath-work, meditation and energy healing into her life, she discovered (through her own transformation) the importance and value of holistic Health and Wellness. Dena has the unique ability to combine her various academic achievements and training experiences (Psychology degree, Reiki Master certification and registered Yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance RYT-200) with natural gifts and abilities that are illustrated through her practice of crystal healing, mediumship, Meditation and Coaching. In addition to Dena being a certified Energy Healer and Wellness Coach, she stays active teaching Yoga, Meditation and healthy living classes and workshops. Offered: Mondays—11:00pm-4:00pm Investment: $100 for 60 min; $80 for 45 min; $60 for 30 min

Micel Enriquez: Tarot Readings (By Appointment)

The Open Mind Center

Micel is a psychic channel. She delivers messages from your Spirit Guides, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters. Micel intuits messages on Twin Flame and Soulmate relationships, Spiritual Ascension, the Law of Attraction, Anxiety, Depression and can help you identify and strengthen your gifts. With guidance from your Angels, higher self and direction from your spiritual guides, Micel can help you find the answers and help you gain strength in finding your way through life’s struggles to become the person you came here to be. Through her own experience in her sudden spiritual ascension, Micel can assist and guide you back into wholeness. Offered: Mondays & Tuesdays—12:00-6:00pm Investment: $100 for 60 min, $80 for 45 min, $60 for 30 min

Nicole Mizoguchi: Soul Portraits & Readings (By Appointment)

The Open Mind Center

Nicole Mizoguchi is an intuitive artist with the ability to see the energy of the soul and the surrounding spirit world. She has done more than 1500 Soul Portraits and Intuitive Readings over the past 19 years. She creates Soul Portraits to help you to see your light and to remind you of who you really are. She uses a mixture of clairvoyant visions and intuitive knowing along with communicating with angels, guides and loved ones. The readings can assist you in receiving guidance about your spiritual path, life changes, life purpose, relationships, career, angels and guides. The focus of her work is for your highest good and support. Offered: Mondays, 3:00-5:00pm & Wednesdays, 1:00-7:00pm (By Appointment Only) Investment: Soul Portrait Drawing & Reading: $70 for 30 min, $90 for 45 min, $110 for 60 min Reading Only: $60 for 30 min, $80 for 45 min, $100 for 60 min

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Understanding the Laws of Attraction

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