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Finding Harmony and Balance in Life

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Please join us for spiritual discussion at the Eckankar Center of Portland. The service begins with a short reading, followed by a brief HU chant, a sacred name for God with quiet contemplation. We will hear from a speaker to further explore the topic of the day.

There will be an opportunity to share your gifts of insights, stories and inspirations on the topic in small group discussions with others who attend.

We look forward to seeing you!

“When you work with the fullness of heart, the golden heart, you find things are being done right you never realized were being done right. This occurs when there is balance and you have the perception to see the true value of things that come into your life.”

The Language of Soul, page 155

“Before you can improve your life and find a measure of happiness, you must learn to do one thing every day out of pure love.”

The Spiritual Life, page 63

“No two people are alike. Each has an agreement with life that is unlike any other. Learn love, patience, and grace, because they are the way to find harmony.

“Finding peace is a big part of your spiritual life.”

The Language of Soul, page 133

“When you’re having any kind of trouble and you want an insight into what you can do or an understanding to get through the problem, sing the song of HU. It has the power of God, and it has the love of God in it. It’s a beautiful song. It’s the only gift I have to give you”

What Is Spiritual Freedom? page 51

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