What we're about

This group is for the curious individual who enjoys the spiritual life but isn't a fan of dogma AND doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Do you love spirituality? Would you like to explore different ways to enhance your spiritual life, and find others in your community who also love talking about different religions and spiritual experiences? Would you drink tea from an 800 year old tea tree in silence? Would you meditate on an entire album with a group of people? Would you embrace the life of a holy rascal? Would you write poetry, attend a mini-pilgrimage, dance qoya, experiment with kundalini yoga, go on a silent hike or meditate in public? These are just a few of the ideas bouncing around in this holy rascal's head...

If you're interested in being a spiritual experimentalist, let's get this party started! We'll test the waters and do interesting things to get closer to whatever our spiritual expression is, to learn about ourselves deeper, and to become a community of squirrels at a rave - because who wants to be a duck in a row anyway?

Past events (10)

Experiment: Spiritual Autobiography

Whole Foods Market

Book Discussion: God of Love

Whole Foods Market

Spiritual Experiment: InterMyth Storytelling!

Whole Foods Market

Book Discussion: The Trauma of Everyday Life

Whole Foods Market

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