What we're about

Some of us have been on a spiritual path for our entire lives, others are just now “waking up,” whatever the case, there are a lot of us on this journey, so let’s “Meet-up” and experience it together.

We’re creating a group for anyone interested in attending spiritual/metaphysical get-togethers, events, classes, and workshops. Our events will include channeling events by local channels, metaphysically-themed discussions, breathing journeys, classes with topics that range from hypnosis and self improvement, to energy healing, and so on, and sometimes we'll just get together and hang out. Think of this group as a forum to meet and share experiences with like-minded individuals...as an opportunity to have those fascinating conversations that most people just don’t get ;). Think of this group as a chance get together with good people who get you.

Past events (65)

Foothills Healing Arts Faire

Center for Spiritual Living La Crescenta

Spiritual Poetry Meetup

Quaker Meeting House

Radical Heart Opening:a Trancendental Workshop

The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness


International Centers of Divine Awakening, and Live Online

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