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A mastermind group is a peer to peer mentoring concept that is used to fascilitate growth by trying to solve problems with input and advise from other group members. It was coined in 1925 by author Napolian Hill in his book Law of Success then in more detail in 1937 in his more famous book, Think and Grow Rich.

This concept was used for financial success and my idea is to use a similar concept towards spiritual development. This is because I believe that everything first comes from spirit before it comes into form so why not get at the root of it first.


This group is born out of a necessity to congregate with like minded individuals, that are seekers of Truth. This deep yearning within me has always been there and has become abundantly apparent in recent times. I would go from church to church and systems to systems seeking the answers that would satisfy this hunger, but found only dead ends. I studied and researched different types of philosophies, religions, metaphysics and teachings from all around the world, but found myself having the need to share in this quest with others.

I started a small spiritual master mind group like this with a couple of friends. I found more spiritual empowerment by talking about these views with friends than going to church. Something dynamic happened between us when we came together in the spirit of not knowing but seeking to know.


To raise the energy level of each participant to the point of creating lasting change that spreads into the world.


This group is for individuals that have a burning desire to "try" to understand the deeper meanings in Life and how it could apply to them. Emphasis on "try" as we might only go in that direction but this movement within itself can bring tremendous satisfaction to the soul.

* If you still ask the age old questions, "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?"

* If you were brought up religious and find yourself questioning what you were taught.

* If you are a skeptic that is seeking a deeper meaning for your own life.

* If you feel that you have something to offer and are also open to learning from others' experiences.

* If you are ok with sharing your personal, spiritual or intellectual truths with others.

* If you would like to hear other points of view that may help enlighten your own path.

* If you are tired of the lecture style where you just sit back and listen to a central teacher.

* If you have more questions than answers

* If you would like to develop your critical thinking skills while being flexible

Then this is the group for you.


There is a code of conduct that I drafted up in hopes of maximizing the benefit to each member.
You will have a chance to review and agree to the rules before participating in the group. I have attached it here for your reference.

Spiritual Growth Master Mind Group Tentative Code of Conduct

1. All members and guests will sign and agree to this tentative code of conduct.

2. The topics of conversation will be based on spirituality, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and mysticism.

3. The topics should help each member to grow closer to their Higher Self.

4. When possible, we will try to keep it to topics that can be supported with evidence or that have been personally experienced.

6. Each member is encouraged to speak when they feel compelled to.

7. No one member shall dictate or control the conversation or topic.

8. Every member will be required to speak and express themselves in a manner that is closest to their true self.

9. We are to be supportive while hearing all points of view.

10. If members have a contrasting point of view it is encouraged to bring it up in a mindful manner.

11. There will be no timer for speaking, as we will use natural subjective means to gauge the time.

12. Religious beliefs or ideas are welcomed but will not be the only source of information we will draw from.

If this is something that sounds interesting or you would like more information feel welcomed to message me here or text me at 559-477-7974 with any questions or input you might have.

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