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This group is for people who are looking for in depth thraining and classes for healing and transformation. Some of the classes will be focused on ego and shadow work as well as accessing the light in you and around you for transformation. If you are looking for Shamanic work this is the place for you. I'll be teaching the various traditions such as Celtic, Peruvian, and S.African. The meditations will be offered for people who have done some deep work alredy and who are looking to go farther into themselves. These meditations will not be regular meditations with instruction, but more of introducing you to diffeenert energies and archetypes. You will be exposed to the 4 directions and also connected deeper to the Earth and Great Spirit. I am organizing this meet up for those who are really seeking a deeper connection and advanced training. I look forward to meeting you and "running" with you on this journey! I say running because things are moving really fast! Energy moves quickly and we can heal quickly as well. Are you ready?

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Sedona River Cleanse & Healing

Baldwin Trail @ Cathedral Rock


This meet up will be a half day in Sedona of setting intentions, clearing, healing, strengthening your inner power, and embracing your body by intensifying your grounding. How will you do all this? We'll combine S. African Healing Medicine Mud with the Arizona Mud for a deep grounding. The mud will be placed on various areas of the body. We will also partake in a Ceremony at the River which is a Peruvian Tradition to release energy that no longer serves you, connect with the water, set intentions, and give thanks and healing to yourself and the world. You will also be given The "Huayruro" which is derived from the seed of the Huayruro plant ( Ormosia sp ) that grows in the Amazon rainforest. This seed is characterized by being part red and part black, visual suggesting male/female energy and duality. There has been the belief among Peruvians that these seeds have the dual power to attract good fortune and ward off evil spirits. These seeds were also found in S. Africa and are known as Magical seeds. I will use the S.African Sangoma techniques to connect you to your lineage and ancestors who are here to assist you. Using Impepho from S. Africa to initiate, clear, and connect you deeper. A cloth can be purchased if you don't have one. It Is used in this tradition for respect and connection. If you have a ceremonial cloth you use, please bring yours. Especially if you have been gifted one, you want to keep using the same cloth. This can be a shawl or scarf. At the end of the day we'll have a powerful River cleanse. To connect you deeper into the earth while washing away the energy that no longer serves you. You will also be refreshed with Florida water to infuse your body with the energy you want to manifest and discover inside yourself withe the help of the Earth & Cosmic energies. Other Items on the agenda *Meditations throughout the day *Intermediate Walk/Hike to collect items for the River cleanse *Mud Application by the River *Quiet Time for Reflection and Setting Intentions (Carolyn will give questions from her BeYou BeHappy program) *Various sound instruments will be played for clearing Items to Bring: Backpack to carry Hat, Change of Clothes, Bathing suit or shorts (whatever you want to wear to get wet) Walking shoes, Flip flops, wash cloth to remove mud, sun screen, towel to sit on, Water, Snacks, Fruit, and all of your intentions! Bring a Snack lunch (sandwich etc) for the end of the day. We will close the Circle by having lunch together after the River cleanse. Cloth. We'll have two meeting places to collect the group. Which will be announced and organized a few days before the meet up. Tempe and Phoenix off of the 17 and deer valley which ever is closest for you. 7 am in Tempe making it to Sedona by 9am. Start time 9:30 ish..... If you would like to drive please add yourself in the comments as a driver. I ask that if you are riding with someone, please pitch in for gas. Add in another $5.00 Fees include Meditations, mud, & river cleanse. If you would like to buy a Ceremonial meditation cloth it is $40. Please message me so I can prepare that for you. Bring a sarong or other cloth for your ceremony if you choose not to purchase one. This Fee would be additional. When Two or more are gathered Miracles take place. Use this link to pay https://squareup.com/store/carolynheals/item/mud-healing-river-cleanse

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