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Ghost Rescue Circle
Confused and lost souls (Ghosts) are always seeking to communicate with the living for help. They either can not or do not know how. We are a group of Mediums, Sensitives, and Empathic rescuers. We help these lost souls with some of the problems they have, so they can make their passage to the other side which is called home. Lynette Millus is a rescue medium with the gift of Clairaudience. She is able to communicate and council with these lost souls, so they can make there final transition. If you would like to learn more on this subject and assist in healing lost souls so they can go home, please join us.

Spiritual Guidance and Learning

11580 Oakhurst Rd. Suite 1 · Largo, FL

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People searching for developing self awareness through meditation, and spiritual inner counseling. This spiritual center will reach different people of like minds seeking knowledge in the metaphysical community.

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