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Spiritual Homework is a sacred space to integrate spiritual healing tools through classes and private sessions (in person and online). There are many yoga studios out there but Spiritual Homework is a Spiritual Studio a home to come to where tools from many spiritual paths are integrated to empower you on your journey of self realization.

Dana Patterson founder of Spiritual Homework is a psychic intuitive guide/coach, channel, medium, healer and teacher with a masters degree in education. Dana has created programs to assist you in using the tools of Spiritual Homework to bring deep soul healing to your journey. This work with Dana and Spiritual Homework will empower you to a place of mastery through the realization of your true infinite self.

Some tools and healing provided through classes and private healing sessions with Spiritual Homework:

Clearing and releasing rituals

Yoga meditations and mantras

Practices for opening the third eye

Conscious Breathwork

Clearing and aligning chakras

Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations

Guided visual breath to clear and release emotions and trauma

Cord clearing and cutting

Intention setting and manifestation

Creating abundance

Connecting to your Angels and Guides

Clearing the subconscious

Opening your intuitive gifts

Gong Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Shamanic Journeying

Drum Sound Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Healing practitioner training

Family group work

Inner Child Healing and Integration

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Mindful Breath Repatterning: Breathwork for clarity and healing

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Mindful Breath Repatterning: Breathwork for clarity and healing

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A Spiritual Homework class

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