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What we’re about

This group combines two powerful healing modalities--hypnosis and the didgeridoo. What many people don't know about hypnosis is that it is not only effective for stopping smoking and losing weight; it is also a powerful tool for allowing the mind to push past artificial limitations into higher levels of spiritual awareness and compassion.

If you meditate regularly, spiritual hypnosis may feel very familiar to you. But these events will be useful for you whether you meditate regularly or not. The people I've used it with who are experienced meditators have told me that hypnosis allows them to go deeper into the meditative state than they usually can get on their own, because they can just completely let go and listen to my voice as I guide them in. For those who don't meditate often, this hypnosis can make it easier for you to achieve a deeper meditative state.

An important thing to know about hypnosis is that it is a perfectly safe, natural and healing state of mind. We all go into this state every time we start to fall asleep--that twilight state between waking and sleep--but usually we don't remember it. Hypnosis lets the unconscious mind open up and receive suggestions for positive change, but the unconscious mind is very protective of you. People in hypnosis never do anything that endangers them or that would violate their moral beliefs--the hypnotist can't make you do anything against your will.

Throughout these sessions, I will sometimes be talking, guiding you into the state, and sometimes playing the didgeridoo. Those of you familiar with the didgeridoo know that the deep mellow vibrations of the instrument resonate at a very deep level with the mind and body. The didgeridoo is an instrument with origins in the deep spirituality of the Australian aborigines and their connection to the land and the universe.

Combining spiritual hypnosis and the didgeridoo creates a nexus of verbal and nonverbal cues to allow the mind to let go of what it doesn't need... it allows the chackras to open up and energy to align. Throughout the process, you will feel a very pleasant sense of deep relaxation as your mind and body open up and let go--it's like you can just dip into this pool of pleasant happiness, letting go of the cares of the world.

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