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Hello and Welcome Spiritual Leaders!

I called this group 'Spiritual Leaders Collective' because I believe we are all Leaders in our own ways and we are One!

It's great to have you as part of this amazing group. If you have decided to be a member of this community, it means you are passionate about Spirituality and want to contribute to the spiritual awakening to all around us. And that means you are perfect for this Meetup Group!

If you feel that you can positively influence others through your spiritual knowledge and wisdom, or perhaps you want to learn new ways to be in service to others, then you are on the right page.

This group will serve as the front leaders for our spiritual community. We will organise networking events where we can share our spiritual knowledge, hear and learn from other spiritual experts and get inspired!

And most of all it is a safe place to rise together and create a better world filled with peace, love, compassion, happiness and abundance!

Love and Light,


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Soul Ages and Ascension

Miami Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Hello dear spiritual friends! I am happy to announce Danny Searle is our guest speaker on 19th June Meetup and he is presenting ‘Soul Ages and Ascension’. Danny is a Spiritual Guidance Counsellor, Ascension Master and Psych-K Practitioner. Have you ever wondered why some people act the way they do? Soul age is the major contributing factor for all human behaviour, be it good or bad. By understanding Soul Ages, you can develop better relationships with the people in your life! Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Danny Searle is a highly successful spiritual guidance counsellor with a background in spiritual psychology and over twenty years’ experience. Psychic since the age of six, Searle has worked as a tarot reader and meditation instructor. He has run workshops on spiritual development and cleared homes of negative entities. In his early twenties, he underwent a series of out-of-body experiences that revealed the intricacies of the spirit world. In 1998, Searle was featured on the popular Australian Broadcasting Corporation program "Australian Story", which led to additional television, print, and radio interviews. He has provided personal spiritual counselling and readings for several high-profile celebrities, and in 2013, he qualified as a PSYCH-K practitioner, a discipline combining the sciences of psychology and kinesiology. Searle produces Path to Ascension , a popular YouTube series that boasts over 4.6 million views. A donation of $5 would be appreciated, to cover the costs for the event. Please RSVP your attendance and you are welcome to bring a guest, just let us know. And don’t forget to join the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/516690565432313/

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Spiritual Leadership and Intuition

Miami Beach Surf Life Saving Club

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