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Welcome to a group of women where you can be your authentic self and may relate to others both spiritually, emotionally and physically!

Our group intention will be to foster the vibrations of joy and gratitude while supporting group and individual expression. Feel free to share yourself how you may; your spiritual development, spiritual practices and/or resources while holding the space for love, healing, personal growth and enlightenment. This will be an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere where we can talk and share openly about our spirituality and whatever else that we feel, without judgement.

If you able to join us for a group event please set the intentions to support the above as you step into the group.

Quantum physics supports the Law of attraction and manifestation: if you have applied these scientific concepts you have discovered the amazing results for yourself! If you would like to receive group support to enhance the manifestation process, feel free to share your goals with the group at the start of an event and this may be added to the group's intentions. Research shows that groups of individuals who focus their intentions harmoniously can produce magnified results! Please find the Discussions Tab on this site "What I'm creating" and share what you're up to!

We will hold the meetups at various places and are open to suggestions for this; meditative hikes, sitting on top of a hill, at a house, backyard, park, library, etc. Some members may want to use this space to offer personal gifts; meditation, yoga instruction, various spiritual practices, etc.

If you are interested in using this meetup to do good for others by doing good for yourself and would like to be a co-organizer with the ability to list/ offer various events that you are willing to lead, please email me. I find that groups tend to be more successful when several individuals contribute to the group's success.

I'm requesting that we demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity to connect with each other and respect for the time that group members take to participate to make the events possible. You should only sign up for an event if you have intentions to attend it. If you sign up for an event and will not be attending, please make notice to the group your change of status.

Life is a journey of our souls living out the human experience. When we choose to change our frequencies to attract like energies and frequencies that match up, what we once did not know, is drawn into our existence. I believe that this is in part what it is to evolve from our human selves while merging into our spiritual selves; community efforts supports the process.

Looking forward to meeting you All! Blessings:)

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