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Sound Energy "Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox Shift" Meditation w/Laura
This powerful Sound Meditation is driven towards helping you to become aware, and choosing to releasing negative energies that cause blockages and stagnancy in your growth. This September "Full Corn Moon" & "Autumnal Equinox" shift session is all about bringing detailed focus to your life goals, reality checks, and adjusting your frequency to get back on track. This lunar energy is all about acknowledging and harvesting from all the hard work you've put into the year thus far. Using that rewarding energy to get you mentally and spiritually in a heightened progressive mindset. So let's get you unblocked, motivated, and vibing as high as possible! A reading will be done for the class (as a collective), and the frequency will be targeting the needs of the class and the requests of their Spirit Guides. Whether you are just a meditation beginner or an avid Spiritual Practitioner, the use of Sonic Energy frequency is undeniably a "Universal Language" and effective healing method. We invite you to give yourself a chance to learn how release, heal, activate your chakras, and take a harmonic trip out of your comfort zone (and possibly your body)! Laura facilitates this meditation through Shamanistic style Drumming, Tuning Forks, Steel Drum, Crystal Bowls, Native Rattles, Frequency Toning, Binaural Beats, Crystal Charged Waters and much more! **Bring any crystals you would like to clear and charge, along with your YOGA MAT or favorite blanket! LIMITED SPACE, RSVP NOW!** (Experience the Autumn Equinox Shift first on: Sat. 9/22 @9:54pm, then with us on 9/26 @7:30pm!) Meet your facilitator Laura! Hi my name is Laura! I've come from humble beginnings, and look to share my heart healing and life changing experiences with you. I hope to be the bridge between what is "normal" and the world of "Spirituality & Metaphysics". I specialize in Cartomancy, Crystal Healing, Sound Energy Frequency Healing & Color Therapy. Co-Owner of GypsyLuv Wellness Center.


844 E. Mission Boulevard · Pomona, CA


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Energy workers, seekers, healers, lets rally and heighten the vibrations. Im looking for people interested in creating, gathering, attending Reiki Groups, Sound bowl meditations, drumming, Energy and Crystal Healings, Guided Meditations, open spiritual discussions, and anything else your interested in sharing. I have a great space to meet and share. The possibilities are endless :)

In the meantime I invite you to this group where the focus is Spiritual Development, Self Empowerement, Forgiveness, Love, Mediumship, Energy Healing, Metaphysical Exploration, Connection to Spirit.

I hold workshops that will discuss Spirituality beliefs, experiences, Channeling, Strength Building, Heightening Vibrations, and most importantly Personal Growth. We need to feed and strengthen our spirituality to understand our Journey and to be better prepared so that life's everyday turmoil doesnt knock you down.


Got questions, give us a call! Mon-Sat (11am-7pm) @ (909) 622-7800

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